Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Top Favorite Eclipse Movie Lines

It's been a week since I've watched "Twilight Saga:  Eclipse", but I still can't get over with Edward's, Jacob's and Bella's movie quotes.

Here are some of my favorites:

From the famous Eclipse "tent scene"...

Jacob to Edward:   "Face it, I'm hotter than you."

Edward to Bella:  "Doesn't he own a shirt?"

Jacob to Bella:  "Does my half naked bother you?"

Bella to Charlie:  "Please - I mean, really, please don't worry about it. Edward is ... Old -school."

Bella to Emmett:  "No. I punched a werewolf."

I really love this line... it made me "Team Edward" more (",)

Edward to Bella:  "I'm from a different era. Things were... less complicated. For instance, I was considered a man at eighteen. Had I met you then....  I'd have courted you.... and called on you at home. We'd have taken chaperoned strolls, or had iced tea on the front porch. I might have even stolen a kiss or two. And after asking you father's permission, I'd have gotten down on one knee...

Well, for those who haven't seen the movie and curious about what scenes these quotes came from, GO WATCH THE MOVIE NOW!!! hehehe

And if you have watched the movie, share with me your favorite lines.  I might like them too and post it here.  Thanks guys!


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