Sunday, May 30, 2010

Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement

I remember the days when I was addicted to playing make believe and the online dress-up games...

 In real-life dress-up game, my cousin and I raid my aunt's make-up kit, shoes bins and closet to mix and match their '80s fashion, pencil skirts, padded blouses, leather and dresses when my tita is not around.  This "model-modelan game" did not stop with the ensembles.  We topped it off with braided, upstyled and curly hairdos.  Voila! Models in our own rights.  And then the magic of make believe is witnessed by the whole body mirror in my favorite aunt's room... witness to our own version of fashion...

Then no more make believe during teenage years, but good thing online dress-up game was made.  With this game, unexpected combinations always surprise me.  I choose every detail from a wide array of outfit, bags and shoes.  Don't forget the face, skin complexion and the range of hairstyles.

But playing these games are not as easy as growing up.  I really had a difficult time to find the right beauty mix.  So sad, I can't apply my doll trends to my style.  Sporty pieces are my game.  I've never really bothered to dress up in anything other than shirt, jeans, sneakers and hoodies.

Even though I'm not good at wearing crave-worthy dresses, and sticking with athletic outfit, I'm still effortlessly cute because of my black, naturally wavy crowning glory ready to glam up my sportswear.  Then I realized that dress-up games taught me one thing, beautiful hair rocks every look even the simple ones.

Being sporty means always being on the go, so no time to visit hair salons.  Good thing Sunsilk tied up with seven international hair experts to produce seven brilliant new formulations for all hair types, the Sunsilk Co-Creations.  Now, I can get star locks treatment right at my doorstep.

 Seven Hair Experts

Seven brilliant new formulations for all hair types

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Candy BFF Camp 2010: A Camp To Remember

Candy Magazine, one of the country's leading teen magazine, held its Candy BFF Camp Year 2 on May 22, 2010 at the Rockwell Tent, Makati City.  200 Candy girls were treated to a jungle-like camp filled with surprises from sponsors, Jergens, Caronia and Havaianas.  The Candy campers, together with their BFF (best friend forever), also participated in the exciting activities which included:

Photography 101 presented by Nikon

Dance Challenge by Caronia

And scrapbooking projects by Havaianas.

With the help of the big sisters at Candy Magazine and the Candy Cutie Rangers, the event was not just another camp, it was a one great empowering and confidence-boosting camp.

Thank you, Candy!

Other highlights at the Candy Camp:

Andi9 and Jessica of Magic 89.9

Every Candy Team members made their own versions of BFF Oath.

Pure Fashion boosted every girl's confidence through their fashion show.

And the Candy Cutie Rangers graced the event by helping out the girl campers in their activities.

Watch out! I've got two more post about the Candy BFF Camp guys!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Winning Piece: Bottled Up Umbrella From Between Bites

Summer's almost gone and June is fast approaching... and that the rain will soon pour down...

Thank you very much to Ms. Jane Chua of Between Bites.  I won her GRAB a Bottled Up Bottle Umbrella contest.

Now, I'm ready to use my super cute umbrella for the Agua de Mayo and for the rest of La Nina (rainy days).

Friday, May 21, 2010

Chic Find: Slippers at The Ramp Glorietta

The Chic:
This is the cutest pair of slippers I ever had.  I found it at Cosmopolitan, The Ramp, Crossings in Glorietta.  This chic pair is so comfy and so kikay.

The Cheap:
It's free because I got it as a birthday present (haha), but I saw the original price at P245.  Not bad because you can wear it at parties, while shopping, just hanging out with friends, but you can't have it at the beach.  It will get wet...  I think they use a velvet fabric on this pink flops.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adidas Originals Street Party

7 May 2010, Manila — In 2010, adidas Originals welcomes you to the neighborhood to come out and play on the street where originality lives. Its Street Party campaign is a call to action, an invitation to reclaim the street in a celebration of the raw spirit of creativity and Originality! As a shout out to this, adidas Originals threw a massive Street Party at Venice Piazza Mall in Mckinley Hill last May 7.

The adidas Originals Street Party in Manila celebrated the roots of authenticity and Originality at its core—the streets, the very place where Originality comes to life as artists, athletes, musicians, and creative innovators are inspired to create. It was a night of playing on the streets in the truest sense: Marching with Star Wars Troopers, dancing to beatboxers, doodling with painters, participating in foosball competitions, and cheering on skate crew performances in a massive street-level party. What’s more, amazing party loot, inlcluding an Adidas Originals x Sennheiser DJ Headphones, 60 Years Diamond Studded Superstars, Limited Edition DMC Autographed Superstars, and 10-inch, limited-edition adidas Originals Trexi Toy, were awarded to lucky revelers.

This sense of play continues in the adidas Originals theme throughout 2010 as adidas highlights collections that reflect what makes adidas Originals truly unique: a diverse mix of styles and stories, collaborations and creativity. From football lifestyle products that herald the 2010 to fine Japanese streetwear design in the OT-Tech range, from iconic collaborations with French grafitti artist Fafi, cinema icon Star Wars, and cool ride Vespa to customizable product lines styled and restyled by you, the creative innovator, adidas celebrates true Originality.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eat White Hat Frozen Yogurts for a Cause

When I attended the White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt's Celebrity for Charity event, I didn't know that my cup of White Hat Frozen Yogurt will go a long way... That all it takes is 250 cups of White Hat Yogurt for us to make one scholar with one year of secondary education, and when one unites, it can do so much more. With the help from Miriam, her sponsors and with the support of Real LIFE Foundation volunteers, it was all possible.

Despite being delayed for a week caused by a fire incident in Shangri-La Plaza, Miriam still has a positive attitude when she arrived. Miriam Quiambao volunteered to help raise funds for Real LIFE Foundation last May 2, 2010 at The White Hat Shangri-La Plaza.  Our goal was to give at least one scholarship.

There were a lot of ways to help during that day; beat the heat with a refreshing taste of Miriam’s unique combo, “Have the Hots for Miriam’s Hats”.

You can purchase the Limited Edition Little Miss White Hat Shirts (P300) designed by Ms. Miriam Quiambao in collaboration with The Perfect White Shirt.

Miriam's fans, loyal White Hat customers, supporters of Real LIFE Foundation began flocking the area as they all waited in line to be served by Miriam. Support from sponsors also gave their fair share in helping Ms. Quiambao in reaching her goal. Lay Bare Gift Certificates from their Libis Branch and a free Hair Makeover from Hairworks Salon were given as raffle prizes, and a pack of White Radiance Facial Mask courtesy of Olay Philippines were distributed to all Miriam’s hats buyers.

 I ordered the Summer Delight combo (P120)

Two very unique and enticingly scrumptious combo creations were offered for the whole day; Summer Delight, a unique blend of Original Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Kiwi and Homemade Granola for a zesty summer and Passionate Indulgence, an exceptional flavor of Original Yogurt with Homemade Brownies, Walnut Streusel topped with Chocolate Syrup for the chocolate lovers.

Spoonful after spoonful of yogurt, the crowd patiently waited for Miriam to finally finish serving. As she finally stepped out of the counter, it was time to have the customers pictures taken with the beauty queen, everyone’s faces started lighting up! Excitement filled the air as each person started getting their numbered stubs in one hand and their cameras on the other. After a few minutes of photo session with Miriam, she happily smiled to everyone inside the store and had a little chat with every customer.

Bloggers like me also got the chance to have a private talk with Ms. Quiambao about her advocacy and how she started doing volunteer work for Real LIFE Foundation. It was too good of a conversation to stop the bloggers from asking questions and for Miriam to answer them but the day was almost over and it was time to draw the 10 lucky winners for the raffle.

Winners, bloggers, volunteers and fans all came out with a big smile on their faces and rewarded, knowing that their long weekend was well spent. Not only did they get a chance to meet and actually talk with Ms. Universe winner Miriam Quiambao, or bonded with their family and friends but what’s truly fulfilling and satisfying was that they get to help out young people get what they truly deserve in LIFE, an education. Indeed, this fund raising activity was a success achieving its goal of raising funds to help the Real Life Foundation kids and able to Change a LIFE this summer.

The White Hat
Web Page - The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt
Twitter -
Facebook Fan Page -

 Real Life Foundation
Web Page:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Organic Rituals Spa: Home Sweet Spa Party


Instead of having your usual fun group date, why not have a spa party where everyone can relax and unwind?  Organic Rituals Spa is just the place to do this, with its convenient location at Greenhills, San Juan, and a home-inspired theme.

The bloggers' sparty we experience last May 8, 2010, arranged by Your Majesty Sire Arevalo, is a great example of this wellness-themed kind of party, the spa party.  Time to take a break from a hectic lifestyle, instead dabble in everything Organic Rituals has to offer.

Organic Rituals is big on small things like giving us a complimentary honey-lemon tea drink before every treatment.  By just drinking their cup of tea, I'm sure you'll visit Organic Rituals Spa again.  No spells or potions for this semi-hot tea, it's just the sweet bits of lemon peels that goes to buzz your taste buds.

Then we were asked to have a draw on what services we will get.  I got to pick the hand spa with salt scrub.  It was my first time to experience a hand spa.  I usually have foot spa.  While waiting for my turn, Nikki Angangco, the pretty owner of Organic Rituals, asked me to choose one soothing salt scrub that I want ranging from mango, cranberry, fresh bamboo, seaweed and a lot more.  I chose the cranberry salt for its smell, and a wide array of essential oils from which I selected the green tea scent.

Organic Rituals Spa focuses on each individuals needs by offering customized treatment of soaks, lotions, scrubs and essential oils, that cannot be found to other spa in the metro from qualified practitioners.

Now the pampered hands begins with a mixture of essential oil and salts that scrubs away dead skin cells from your skin followed with a hand wrap.  Next is a head and shoulder massage.  I was afraid of the massage at first because I was thinking about my past experiences from the massages I got from other spas I went through.  But Arlene, a friendly staff, proved me wrong.  Her touch made me realize that no matter how appealing the treatment offerings are, it is ultimately the therapist's curative hands that stand the test of time.  To finish it off, she washed my hands, buffed my nails and had a little hand massage.  Relaxing!

Cranberry Salt Scrub

The spa also offers an extensive range of treatments from long-wear pedicure, which uses vegan nail polish called Zoya,  experience by Sai; foot spa by Don; Alex and Shen were pampered with the pure back massage.  And don't miss their signature Dream Weaver (aromatherapy massage) experienced by Sire and Mabelle.

 Vegan Nail Polish - Zoya

If these mani-pedi and massages aren't your cup of tea, Hilot Therapy (traditional hilot, dagdagay and bentosa) is also an offer.

If you're ready to throw next party or just ready to take a break from a hectic lifestyle, Organic Rituals Spa will not disappoint.

Please contact Organic Rituals Spa to know more about their spa party packages.

Organic Rituals Spa
Open Monday - Saturday, 11AM to 9PM. By appointment on Sundays.
Phone: 661-3101

Facebook Page:   Organic Rituals Spa

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Heavenly Chocolates: Chocolate Appreciation 101

 You're a chocolate lover, but how well do you know your chocolate?  I'll share with you some of the chocolate trivia I learned from Heavenly Chocolates' seminar, Chocolate Appreciation 101 last April 24 at Roces Avenue, Quezon City from Ms. Marga Manlapig, a chocovangelist and also a blogger.

Chocolate Trivia for Chocoholics

Chocnut is not considered as a chocolate.

Three Musketeers, Baby Ruth and Snickers are not considered as chocolate bars.  Only part of it is chocolate and it is mostly made of nougat.

Chocolates are made from beans of the cocoa fruit.

Several thousand years ago, chocolate is not really sweet, it is spicy.

White chocolate is not a chocolate.  It is extracted fat from cocoa beans, more known today as cocoa butter.

How to Make a Ganache

Ms. Marla taught to us how to make a ganache for fondue.  After that, she added a little vodka powder and rolled it to cocoa powder to make a ganache to be used to make truffles.

Now, the greatest part is the chocolate tasting.  We explored some of Heavenly Chocolates' best chocolates.  We got to taste chocolate drinks, nama, nama sachi, and of course, the truffles.  I really love the nama sachi for its chocolatey minty taste for only P350 per box.

Heavenly Chocolates Price List

Heavenly Chocolates Menu

Heavenly Chocolates
127 Roces Avenue (corner T. Morato)
Quezon City