Monday, July 12, 2010

Top 20 Simple Joys of Being an Eastwood City Fan

I am Ann.  I'm from Las Pinas City.  Yes, I'm from the South (ang layo, you might think, hehe) but I keep coming back to the East... Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City.


Well, here are my top 20 reasons why I am a fan of Eastwood City.  And to be more particular, I divided them into four categories:  food, activities, places and things.  Hope you love 'em too, guys.

Top 5 Yummy Eastwood City Stuffs

1. A cup of Golden Spoon’s frozen yogurt

My Fave: Vanilla flavored frozen yogurt
Alternative to: A scoop of ice cream

Best Shared With: Close Friend

Perks/Thrills: They have free taste of all the froyo flavors if you still can’t decide.

2. The Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak

My Fave:  Meatball Pepper Rice

Alternative to: Rice Meals


Best Shared With: Barkada


3.   Red Mango

My Fave:  Original Frozen Yogurt + Almonds + Mochi + Mochi + Mochi!!!
Alternative to:  A bowl of ice cream
Best shared with:  A child who hates tangy yogurt

4.  Xocolat

My Fave:  Frozen "Hot" Xoco - Xocolat Sherbet Balls
My Fave:  Churros

5.  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

My Fave:  Banana Chocolate Ice Blended
Best shared with:  Officemates
Perks/Thrills:    Free drinks if ever they have an "Open House"

Top 5 Cheap Activities I Love to do at Eastwood City

1. Watch a dance water show for free and get into the groove at the same time.

 2. Be amazed with the fireworks display.

3. Step into fitness while walking with furry pets.

4. See the hottest celebrities and most popular bands perform at the Central Plaza.

5. Bring camera and take unlimited photos with my buddies at the Eastwood City’s beautiful spots.

Top 5 Coolest Spots at Eastwood City

1.  Water Fountain - My friend and I love to play with the hydraulics near the dancing fountain.

2.  Big Ben-like clock tower - It seems like it tells me, “You have all the time to roam around Eastwood City

3.  Ultra 7 Cinema - Movie + Bottomless Drinks + Refillable Popcorn + Twin Seats + Relaxation and Comfort = P400 ONLY

4.  Events area - My first event here was the Belle de Jour Power Planner Launch last October.

 I met new friends...

 Experienced free salon and spa services...

Got a lot of freebies... and have been empowered by the talks at the event.

 5.  Chic party hubs

  Open bar courtesy of "The Bar" at the BDJ Launch, Eastwood City

Top 5 Things Eastwood City Have that Other Malls Don’t Have

1. Romantic lighting and star-lit dining during the night at Eastwood City Walk

2. Paris-like ambiance.

3. Grand piano plays to accompany Eastwood City patrons.

4. Excellent butler service.

5. WiFi City.





  1. wow, ann invaded eastwood city!
    we frequent this place. my most favorite cinemas.

  2. yup, doc! it's really far from our place but we can't help visiting Eastwood... dami activities for the family...