Monday, February 13, 2012

SUMOSAM: Talk of the Town

I have been hearing a lot from my friends that the food at Sumo Sam is really great, so when I got the chance to join fellow food bloggers to dine at this much talked about restaurant at Greenhills Town Center, I then grabbed it.

I do not know where the venue is at first.  I asked friends how to get there and I got excited when they said I have to ride LRT Line 2 'cause I have been wanting to see this so called "purple train" hahaha!

Sumo Sam is near Gilmore Station, LRT Line 2.

Sumo Sam Greenhills Town Center

Upon arriving at Sumo Sam, I am so thankful for the welcome iced tea.  Green iced tea made Sumo Sam different from the other familiar Japanese resto I know.

And of course, we are here at Sumo Sam to try one of their newest bento meals...

OPEN the box set!


Chicken Teriyaki
Beef Misono (US Beef Knuckle)
Dory Teppan
Tuna & Salmon Sashimi
Kani Stick
Bean Sprout
Yasai Itame

Pricey at first but when I came to have a bite of salmon sashimi, wow, I know this bento box is sulit.  I love sashimi!

A happy Sumo Sam diner.
Sumo Sam wouldn't be possible without Marvin Agustin, one of the owners.  He made makis for us.

A hands on owner, Marvin Agustin...

I really had a good take on this Japanese fusion food experience because it is adjusted to Filipino taste.

Thank you very much Sumo Sam!!!

Visit Sumo Sam Greenhills Town Center Facebook Page.

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