Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Candy BFF Camp 2010: Ann and Hannah's Campventure

The first-time BFF campers, Hannah and I were so excited for the Candy Magazine's Candy BFF Camp Year 2. We're clueless on what will happen that day. All we know is that it would be a fun event.

Was it your first BFF camp too? Whether it's your first or just wanting to atted the next BFF camp, I will share with you guys the "what to bring" and "things we love about Candy camp" posts.

What to Bring on Candy BFF Camp?

1) Camera - You need it to capture your BFF moments and to share them with other friends.

2) Water Bottle - It keeps you and your BFF hydrated with all those camp activities.

3) Lip gloss, powder, cologne and compact mirror - Candy Cuties are just around so these are the must-have to stay fresh all throughout the day.

4) Extra Shirt - You'll need it in case something happens while doing the activities or while eating or even if you sweat.

5) Smile - Nothing beats a friendly face!

6) Fresh mints and candies - I promise, these sweets are a good way to approach other Candy girls and Candy cuties.

These tips will surely make you ready for next year's camp, guys!

"Things we love about Candy camp" post is up next...

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