Sunday, May 30, 2010

Only Beautiful Hair from the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement

I remember the days when I was addicted to playing make believe and the online dress-up games...

 In real-life dress-up game, my cousin and I raid my aunt's make-up kit, shoes bins and closet to mix and match their '80s fashion, pencil skirts, padded blouses, leather and dresses when my tita is not around.  This "model-modelan game" did not stop with the ensembles.  We topped it off with braided, upstyled and curly hairdos.  Voila! Models in our own rights.  And then the magic of make believe is witnessed by the whole body mirror in my favorite aunt's room... witness to our own version of fashion...

Then no more make believe during teenage years, but good thing online dress-up game was made.  With this game, unexpected combinations always surprise me.  I choose every detail from a wide array of outfit, bags and shoes.  Don't forget the face, skin complexion and the range of hairstyles.

But playing these games are not as easy as growing up.  I really had a difficult time to find the right beauty mix.  So sad, I can't apply my doll trends to my style.  Sporty pieces are my game.  I've never really bothered to dress up in anything other than shirt, jeans, sneakers and hoodies.

Even though I'm not good at wearing crave-worthy dresses, and sticking with athletic outfit, I'm still effortlessly cute because of my black, naturally wavy crowning glory ready to glam up my sportswear.  Then I realized that dress-up games taught me one thing, beautiful hair rocks every look even the simple ones.

Being sporty means always being on the go, so no time to visit hair salons.  Good thing Sunsilk tied up with seven international hair experts to produce seven brilliant new formulations for all hair types, the Sunsilk Co-Creations.  Now, I can get star locks treatment right at my doorstep.

 Seven Hair Experts

Seven brilliant new formulations for all hair types


  1. Sarah G, is that you? =)

    Which among the seven variants is your favorite?

  2. Love it! Choosing the right shampoo must not be only be based on hair type but most importantly on your lifestyle.

    You might wanna check my blog too an tell me what you think of my post. =)

    Good luck! :)

    Let's spread the word! =)

  3. hehe patawa naman si alvin pero thanks!

    i like the pink one (smooth and manageable) kasi may yogurt... i love yogurt, hehe


  4. thanks ms. litlit...

    you also have a nice post (",)

  5. Nice post... ang payat mo talaga pero bagay sa hair mo naman =)

  6. thanks po sir stone.

    hehe payat na po tlga ko since birth (",)

    bago na rin po ulit style ng hair ko ngayon, may bangs na

    see you soon!

  7. hi anne!!! onga long haired ka pala kaya bagay na bagay sa yo ang mga bagong sunsilk creations.

  8. thanks ms. erlyn... nagpagupit na po ako pero sunsilk pa rin gamit ko (",)