Monday, July 25, 2011

Bayview Park Hotel Manila: A Feast on Filipino Food Fare

One shouldn't pass up the chance to taste interesting variations of Filipino cuisine as Philippines' Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, and Bayview Park Hotel Manila's Kulinarya Festival will mark its end this coming July 29.


We were invited at its launch last May 2011 and they gave us a local food splurge of Bicolano dishes.  Bicol express, pinangat, and native delicacies -- all familiar to us, have never really tasted as good as when you're eating them right under the fiesta-inspired buffet area of Bayview Park Hotel.

And now on its last week, Bayview Park Hotel welcome us with a buffet lunch from selected regions of the country.

Bistek Tagalog from the Katagalugan Region.

Pinakbet from my own region... Ilocos Region! (",)

Kapampangan's Igado

Pancit Habhab  from the Province of Quezon

And the crowd favorite... Kinilaw na Tanigue also from the Ilocano Region.  It is also most requested by those who frequent Bayview's daily buffet said marketing assistant, Ms. Precy Mendoza.

The lineup of sweet delicacies from different provinces remind us of our childhood, especially the palitaw which we rarely see in the city this time.

The place is filled with office employees enjoying their 450-peso lunch break and packed with families and tourists who drop by to satisfy the innate craving for the real Filipino taste.

Bayview Park Hotel Manila's Kulinarya Secret Weapon.

I, together with the other bloggers Leira Pagaspas of DulceDeLeirs, Ning Buning of Ning4U, and Tita Lucy of Pinay Corner were truly appreciative to see these cultural delights for the second time.

Bayview Park Hotel Manila is set in the tourism complex of Manila.  Ideally located at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and United Nations Avenue, the hotel is within walking distance to malls, hospitals, universities, and electronic railway transit.  Affording a splendid view of Manila Bay, it boasts 283 guests rooms, pool deck swimming pool and indoor gym facilities.  Bayview Park Hotel Manila has a concessionaire, Starbucks, for your mini-meeting needs.  With a variety of amenities and facilities, you will never run out of things to do.

Bayview Park Hotel Manila
1118 Roxas Boulevard corner United Nations Avenue
Manila, Philippines
Phone Number: +63-2-2479000
Fax Number: +63-2-5223040
Toll Free Number: 1800-1888-5555

For the Kulinarya Festival buffet reservations, you may also call +63-2-2479000

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