Friday, August 26, 2011

When I get my masters... I'll be happy

Are you a dreamer? God gave us special abilities that He wants us to hone and put into practice and having a good education is one I believe.

Mind if I brag a little bit? This is about my friend. His name is not important but his story is. All his life, my friend loved to know what is happening to our country and loved public speech. He wanted to become a broadcaster or a news or field reporter. He'd sit for ours making detailed feature stories.
But things did not always go well for my friend. He was not from a family with a lot of money. Who knew if he'd ever get a chance to go to college? Worst of all, though, was what happened when he was a teenager. His mom died.
Just when he needed his mom most, she was gone. He'd never again hear her encouraging voice. Already a couple of years behind his graduating class, he started college. Working as a fastfood crew, he paid his way. Year by year he persevered. Finally, when he was 21 years old, he graduated from college as a mass communication graduate.

He still had his dream. He knew what God had equipped him to do. So he went for it. He still pursue his dream to have his masteral degree, Master of Arts in Mass Communication.
But he has no idea on how masteral degree goes here in our country. We have a friend in the states who also takes her masteral. She says in the states there are online GMAT review sites where making applications to graduate programs become much easier. She also gave us an idea on how hard it is to go through graduate programs. She tells stories about lousy instructors – class after boring class and do nothing more than go through the textbook in class and point out what sections to read and know. But she says that having a professor like that does not cancel your responsibility to live by. Still continue to be a diligent student.

With all the excitement of beginning your masters or doctorate degree, who would guess you might get homesick? And she told us to remember that the Lord will never leave you. Just pray.
When you start your course, she says, you will have a hard time to do your chores so have someone skilled in the science of laundry, cooking, etc. or just ask for a few pointers from them on making your chores easy.

Of course those who are getting their masters I think are more behave than those who take their college courses. But still we do not know if our friends are the ones who try to convince us to ditch our values, dump them quick!
Lastly, money is still present. Taking up your masters will leave you empty handed so try money management. Oh, she remembered one more thing. Time management! Know your priorities!

If you pass these tests and the real “test”, then surely you will make your parents proud, she says.

And one more thing I want to share a poem by Tom Felten which I also gave to my friend. Hope this encourages him to strive harder. (I only get few phrases).

When I get that new job,

When I get a girlfriend,

When I go to college,

I'll be happy.

When I'm in management,

When I marry that girl,

when I get my degree,

I'll be happy.

When I'm a CEO,

when we have a baby,

when I get my masters,

I'll be happy.

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