Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Figaro Releases New Frost and Latte in Stores + Coffee Art

I know Christmas is near once I see cherries, berries, and mint on the coffee shop menu.  I am really waiting for this quarter of the year because I really love the Christmas-y feel these coffee drinks bring.  But wouldn't it be much tastier if we add a Filipino twist just like what Figaro did?

If you frequent my blog, I have posted many times about how I dearly love the dark cherry mocha frappe of the other brand.  Yes, yes, I still love that but Figaro Coffee Company gave me an option with their new Banana Berry Delight Frost, a double, fruity and refreshing mix of strawberry and bananas with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (I promise you'll taste vanilla, not a cream!) on top sprinkled with banana chips bits and strawberry syrup drizzle.  It's more of a banana split taste with a twist because of the chips bits.  Every time I take a sip, I always get some bits and I try to sink them between my teeth.  One more thing good about this drink is it is much cheaper than my Christmas drink.  P145 for a glass of banana split madness.

Banana Berry Delight Frost

And for those who prefer hot coffee. Figaro has the newest Raspberry Latte concoction that is added to their Latte Love family.  Before you'll take a soundy slurp of your latte, you'll enjoy first the latte art on top of your coffee's froth.  At first, I really don't wanna take a sip because I do not want to ruin the coffee art.  I wish they could have a frost version of this drink.  You'll get it for only P110.

Figaro Blissful Berry Drinks

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