Friday, September 30, 2011

Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center: One Answer to Hair Loss

One of the top-searched blog post here on ChicandCheaps is my post about Hair Loss.  I have blogged about topical hair loss solutions and I am in the process of trying it.  Yes, it is effective in my case I must say, but only for stress-related hair loss I think.  The product, before hand, have already said that shiny areas on our head won't be treated with these topical solutions, a shampoo and a hair grower.

So one might also consider trying hair transplants as an answer to hair loss and good thing, Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center offers it now.

According to Dr. Alfredo Callanta of Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center, “Hair loss is a serious matter. A patient must consult a specialist first before deciding on what treatment option to consider.” He said that“while Minoxidil may be effective in some men, it is still not a guaranteed solution for all cases.”Dr. Callanta also warns patients on buying products that are not BFAD-approved that promise immediate results because it can lead to more serious hair problems.

For a natural and permanent solution in restoring youthful and fuller hair, Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center in Shangri-La Mall offers hair restoration transplant. This is an out-patient procedure that  is done under local anesthesia.  The transplant involves surgically removing hair from certain areas of the donor, usually at the back and at the sides of the head where hair is genetically designed not to fall out and planting these onto the thinning and balding area.

Dr. Callanta explained that this hair restoration option is “the only method that can guarantee restoring a natural-looking hairline and add density to thinning spots.” “Screening process for potential candidates is important to determine the case of the patient.  Routine follow-ups after the procedure is also advised to ensure further patient safety. Expect results in six months after treatment.  Usually, it takes three to six months for the hair to grow out; after that, it will grow about half an inch per month, which is the same rate as the donor hair” Dr. Callanta added.

Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center is located at the 5th floor Shangri-la Mall in Mandauyong City.  For more information please visit

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