Monday, February 22, 2010

Winning Piece: Ipanema's Share Your Brazilian Fantasy

What's Chic?

This is my entry to Ipanema's Share Your Brazilian Fantasy essay writing contest and I won!!!

Do you wanna know what makes up Brazil? Let's get to know more Brazil by spelling it out. Ready?

So B, B is for biodiverse regions. Nature seekers like me would like to encounter the flora and fauna of Brazil and take a stroll on its tropical rain forest and lush tropical landscapes. From the mountains, let's go down to the beach!

Now R, R is for relaxing beach resorts. Surf, ski, snorkel, and swimming, and other water sports, name it and they have it. But what's more relaxing for sun bathers and sun lovers like me is letter A. A is for "a walk to remember" at the beach with my Ipanema flipflops.

Hey wait, let's not forget Z. Z stands for zoom in the camera. Brazil is really photogenic. No wonder camera whores like me can't help clicking to catch Brazil's gorgeous secluded beaches, beautiful beach people and even food.

Speaking of food, letter I stands for indigenous foods from Brazil which consist of different flavors of Brazilian local cuisines and tropical fruit blends.

Now, that's life in the tropics. L stands for live, love and life.

Oh, no! My time is up here in the Internet shop. Searching Brazil in Google feels like I was really in Brazil. Let's first review the word, "BRAZIL".

B - Biodiverse regions.
R - Relaxing beach resorts.
A - A walk to remember at the beach with Ipanema flip flops.
Z - Zoom in the camera
I - Indigenous foods
L - Live, love and life

And the day in Brazil comes to an end. Time to go!

What's Cheap?

As a prize, I got the chance to choose one pair of Ipanema flipflops from Bambu Store in Glorietta 4 and an Ipanema shirt.

Ipanema Flip Flops are available in different designs and sizes. Price ranges from P800+ to P1000+. Not bad for a very comfy flop.

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