Sunday, February 28, 2010

Starbucks Coffee Seminar: The Art of Blending and Roasting

What’s Chic?

Last February 2009, I attended Starbuck’s first coffee seminar for this year at One E-Com Center, SM Mall of Asia. I’ve learned a lot from Starbucks history to the kinds of beans that they use, to the roasting progression, and of course what I love the best is coffee tasting and food pairing.

This is the right way to savor your coffee:
1) Smell your coffee.
2) Slurp. The louder, the better.
3) Locate the experience in your tongue. (Sweet, bitter)

(Don’t worry guys, your favorite baristas will teach you how to do it.)

Food Pairing:
1) Slurp
2) Bite
3) Slurp

For me, brewed Starbucks coffee is best paired with Starbucks Chocolate Walnut Cookie rather than the donuts.

That was really fun! There’s more during the seminar, but I will not spoil it here guys. Hope to see more coffee lovers in the next Starbucks seminars.

What’s Cheap?

Starbucks seminars are FREE! Look for the upcoming schedules on Starbucks Philippines Fan Page.

And if you have completed 4 out of 6 seminars, you’ll have a special treat from your best coffee shop in town.

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