Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chasing Boracay Dreams


When I get to ride SEAIR,
When I meet the professional bloggers,
When I get to Boracay (my first time),
I'll be happy.

When I frolic on the white shores,
When I hang out with the pros,
When I get to stay on Microtel Boracay,
I'll be happy.

When  we get to relax (I hope we can),
When I get to bond with the bloggers and ask advice,
When we swim on clear waters and explore Boracay,
I'll be happy.
When we feast on the yummiest dishes (heavenly),
When I get to share my blogging experiences,
When we have tried all sorts of beach activities,
I'll be happy.

When I pack my bags,
When I draft my super-inspired blog posts,
When I get back to Manila (back to reality),
I'll be happy. (Will be super happy.  Thank you, God.)

"When" is an inspirational poem by Tom Felten.  (I just tweaked some of the words in it to fit my Bora dream trip.)  I love this poem because it's all about happiness and it also reminds us that we should not miss the reality that God is our joy and hope in life.

Boracay for me is happiness.  Boracay is a dream.  Boracay is a destination in life.

Boracay is also included in my "someday, maybe list".  Someday, maybe... my family and I will be reunited in Boracay.  Someday, maybe... postcard-pretty Boracay will kiss away the pain.  (Oh, now, enough of drama).  My someday, maybe list says that I should put the good things and the things I wanted in front of me, because when I do, it will attract what we think.

So the first step to take and the main challenge, write the reasons why should I be included in the SEAIR and Microtel Boracay's bloggers' tour.

1.  A budding adventure blogger wants to explore exotic beaches.  But how would I do that if I haven't experienced the most-talked about island?  I want Boracay to be my "ceiling".  It would be my first time in Bora then.

2.  I have been seeking for the white-sand beach for years.  I've gone to other beaches in Luzon (Tondol Beach and Patar Beach in Pangasinan and San Fernando, La Union) but they are "semi-white" I think.  If ever given the chance, I'll put some sand inside a small clear bottle (souvenir) hehe.

3.  Hungry for knowledge.  I believe that traveling with the pros and newbies is more than just joining a blogging seminar.  Binondo Food "Walk" with Dong Ho and other bloggers was a great start for me.  I came up with this blog (Chic & Cheaps) with their help.  They've inspired me so much.  Then my recent travel at the Thunderbird Resorts with bloggers, print media, and photographers was also life changing.  This gave me a more view of what blogging is, feature writing versus blogging and also about photoblogging the unusual way.

4.  Curiosity.  It is curiosity that drives my world.  I wonder why Boracay has already reached its x-millionth visitors.  What to see, where to eat, what to do, where to stay and how to get there?  I can feel that Bora has myriad surprises in store for travel junkies.

5.  I wanna know how Boracay looks in a panoramic shot.  I just learn how to do a panorama shot in my digital camera and I wanna test it with photogenic Boracay.

When I get to Boracay,
I'll accomplish all of these...
When I head back to Manila, I'll share my dreams that came true...
And... I'll be happy.



  1. nice weee good luck to your dream and hope to see you on Bora

  2. i-LIKE ko to.
    goodluck Ann! Ü

  3. thank you very much Chyng! kaw din ganda entry mo (",)... hope to see you again chyng... next time ako na manlilibre sayo, hehe (",)

  4. @resly oo nga sana ma-meet ko kayo ulit dun *hoping* hehe

    promise di pa talaga ako nakakapunta ng Bora (",)