Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Thoughts at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point, La Union

I vividly remember being captivated by a fleeting image of Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point in a magazine-television show (which is Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho) before, so for years I had longed to visit it.

It's been two weeks since our (bloggers and print media's) 3-days, 2-nights stay at Thunderbird Resorts.  Yes, lucky me!  I had the privilege of living my dream in this Mediterranean-style resort setting inspired by Santorini, Greece.  Visiting this new place also helped me made surprising new discoveries about myself.

Let me share them together with my first-time experiences and random things that made this an easy resort hotel to fall for.

DAY 1 (July 26)

A Fresh Start

It's only just our first stop and I already had my delightful experience with the Sushi and Sashimi Combo at Vegas Cafe.  It's my first time to eat tuna sashimi. (I don't eat raw, actually.) For me, this fresh appetizer is really at par with what the best Japanese restaurants here in the city serve.

Sushi and Sashimi Combo (P750)

Blogging 101

While waiting for our dessert to be served, I had a little travel and food blogging lessons with Sir Estan of

POINTERS:  For travel blogging, write about the paths barely taken, much exciting.  And for food, describe the texture and color of the food instead of just saying that it's tasty and yummy.  Also share your experience while eating the dish and what do you remember as you were tasting it, maybe your childhood or another place you've gone through.

Wow, really a great help for beginners like me. (",)
*He also gave me a little photography lessons when the soft, yet resilient panna cotta arrived.  He said to use the zoom effect to focus on the food and not on the other things on the table.  Here's the outcome:

Photography 101

With Sir Oggie of  Since it was off-season, our first afternoon was cloudy. At first I said, grrrr, where's the sun?! But Kuya Oggie said that it's still okay to take photos of the resort even if it's gloomy.  Don't go with the usual sunset thingy pictures.

And look what I've got on my cam.

Afternoon Rains

This signaled us to slow down from our activities (which should be swimming and golfing) but good thing 'cause it allowed us to catch up on the latest with each other and take advantage of the free WiFi at Patio Santorini (the lounge area) and the soothing music that calls from within.

DAY 2 (July 27)

Golf Buggy Ride

One of the best firsts during this trip is my first golf cart ride.  Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point offers use of golf carts (P400 per hour) and bicycles enabling you to enjoy going around the property.  You'll only need to make reservations first.

Are you looking for me?  I was behind the lens.  (",)


Time to get fit! Another option to roam around Thunderbird Resorts.

Dissecting the Halo-Halo

For me, the highlight of our city tour was our visit to Halo-Halo de Iloko where we had a fill of their best-tasting halo-halo.  We're curious about the pleasing combination of the ingredients (yes, we want to know the secret ingredients).  So Betty, Sol, Doc Gelo and I "dissected" the halo-halo special (haha, I mean we named the ingredients) and found cereals (instead of the usual pinipig), corn kernels, banana, green sago, ice cream, ube, and custard-like substance.  Plus! What a surprise! I found strawberry bits (Maybe they added it because La Union is just two hours away from Baguio City, where the strawberries grows).  Mmm, not your ordinary halo-halo!

Halo-Halo Special (P85)

Ilokano 101

While enjoying our surprising halo-halo, Betty reads the menu and she saw the word, "Agyamanak Apo" and she asked me what does it mean.  Agyamanak apo is simply, thank you.

As I mentioned on my first post, I'm 100% Ilokana (and proud of it), so I armed them with the basic phrases of Ilokano, the province's official dialect.

Beautiful - Nagpintas or Napintas
Delicious - Nagimas or Naimas
 Thank you - Agyamanak

Panoramic World of Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

It was late in the evening. Kristel of Tel the Wanderer, Kuya Oggie and Kuya Ferdz of and I were just lazying around and still taking pictures (haha addicts).  To my surprise, I have made a panoramic shot (first time) with my GE J1050 digital camera!  Wow, I've been practicing how to make that shot for weeks and wasn't able to make one.  But during that time, I did!

The Accidental Shot - my first ever panoramic shot using my GE J1050.

Thunderbird Resorts lights the cliff.

DAY 3 (July 28)

Beginner's Luck at Fiesta Casino

First time at the card room.  The card games I only know are "tong-its and pares-pares".  Sounds familiar, huh?  So I felt lucky when we got to experience playing at the Fiesta Casino VIP room (money-less of course).  First game was Baccarat -- a table game using 6 or 8 decks of cards which does not require skill (only luck).  Second game -- Blackjack, almost like Lucky 9.

I found myself playing safe... I was scared pushing the chips all-in.

Things I'll Miss the Most

The Greek mezze-style breakfast buffet at Olive's Restaurant.  I'll miss choosing among the dizzying array of food and drinks.  I love Olive's fried rice!

I'll miss Room 313.  For those three tiring but fun-filled days, this has been Ann and Kristel's home sweet home.  The cozy beds will tempt you to sleep in!

Tel and I love the long cylindrical pillows.  (",)

The Santorini Dome.  I love taking pictures here.  When you go to Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point, look for it at the lobby and strike a post just like what I did!

I took this picture two minutes before we leave Thunderbird Resorts. (",)  Nice one!

And of course, I miss the bloggers (Doc Gelo, Kristel, Kuya Ferdz, Kuya Estan, Kuya Oggie), Betty (Female Network), Sol (Sidetrip Magazine), and Princess and Nica (Thunderbird Resorts).

Nothing really compares to the life lessons, happy things and best firsts I experience here at Thunderbird Resorts.

Visiting news places is not just about learning cultures, meeting new people, and trying out local cuisines.  It's about you.  It's about you discovering the passions that inspire you towards greatness.

Additional Information:

Vegas Cafe - It is just a 10-minute walk away from the hotel or you can ride a shuttle that drives within the compound.

City Tour - Separate arrangement and reservation  is required.  Includes visit to Pindangan Ruins, Ma-Cho Temple, Halo-Halo de Iloko and La Union Botanical Garden.

Fiesta Casino - Open 24 hours for gamers

Olive's Restaurant - Serves breakfast buffet early in the morning till 10:00 am.

The Cliffs - This is nine-hole golf course with golf carts and caddy service.

Thank you very much to Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point management and to Nica Serrano for the bloggers' fun-filled stay at Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point.

So if you plan to go places, why not start at Thunderbird  Resorts Poro Point.  From now till September 30, 2010, they have this promo below.

If you just want to tour around Thunderbird Resorts for a day, they have this day tour promo.  I actually plan to bring my family here when we'll visit our vacation house at Pangasinan and take advantage of the promo.

Promo for the golfers

Contact Information:
 Resort Address: Poro point Freeport Zone, San Fernando City, La Union
Telephone no.: +63.72.888.7777
Makati Office:  24 F Salcedo Towers, 169 H.V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
Telephone no.: +63.2.886.5555
Fax no.: +63.2.894.3333


  1. more than the free trip, meeting and getting tips from those pioneer bloggers is the best part!
    sama ko minsan! Ü

  2. yes, chyng that's the best thing... parang nung nagtrip tayo sa Binondo...

    meeting you guys really inspired me (",)

    i thought you also received an invitation to this...

  3. wow nice trip ann and nice blog wooot wooot kailan ka babalik sa Thunderbird Resort?

  4. Aaaawww... I miss you too and our Thunderbird experience!

  5. Hi Ann, just a correction, Golf Cart Use is not for free. There a Golf Cart Rental is 400 per hour. Hope that clears it. Thanks.

  6. hope to see you again Kristel... (",)

    yes, yes, nakakamiss yung picture dun, picture dito...

    hindi maubos ang pipicturan sa Thunderbird Resorts

  7. @anonymous - thanks for the compliment

    siguro pag bumalik na si mommy groovy ko

  8. @nica - oh, no, sorry for that. i have updated it na... thanks for checking... i thought that was free... (",)

  9. Yay, your picture looks really tempting. I'm having second thoughts on going to thunderbird, but now it seemed a nice place to getaway from the city.

    btw, thanks for joining the contest at i e-mailed you :)

  10. hi surreal princess! yes, it really is... please find time to visit the place (",)...

    wow, I won!

    thank you very much!