Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Aside from TV and magazines, I check out the BLOGOSPHERE to see the latest trends about food, travel, fashion, health, even humor and almost everything that pops into my mind.  I compiled ten of my favorites and I also included my blog, of course.

1.  ChicAndCheaps (my personal blog) - Even though I am the one who's writing the posts on scratch, transfering them to my drafts, editing the posts, taking and uploading photos, I still love to read back on my posts.  Why?  Because my best firsts experiences started at the birth of this blog and I relive the memories here.

Tired of "super lalim" English blogs?  Well, well, well!  I found two bonggang bonggang unconventional blogs that will make your day.

2.  Ganda Ever So Much - I just came across this blog last June and until now, I'm still hooked to it kasi nga hindi  ako nagnonosebleed.  Parang kausap ko lang si Orman habang binabasa ang mga articles niya.  Try mo!

3.  Facebuko - Nakita ko naman itetch sa Nuffnang as Blogger of the Month.  Facebook na Facebook ang dating.  Mapagkakamalan ka pang nag-FB during office hours, but the truth is Facebuko lang ito.  Matatawa ka na lang.  I call this blog, "The Destressor".

Another not-your-ordinary blog...

4.  WhenInManila - I won in one of Vince's blog contests, but before that I already like his blog as this is the only video blog (VLOG) that I've seen.  The videos are made in a humurous way.  I also got my expression here, "AWESOMETACULAR".  I really enjoy the coined words of this blogger.


5.  NomNomClub - Once you see this blog, I bet you'll be drooling over food because of Sago's (este NomNom's) food photos. Mmmm... nomnomnomnomnomnom (",)

And for the entertainment side... show business and movies.

6.  Jay.eLx - I learn about this site through Boy Kuripot's.  I was a witnessed on how this blog evolved from a mixed blog to a movie blog and even the changes on Jay's template from purple to cream.  I've also met the blogger since I won on his contest and got the prize to him personally.  Guys, he is so nice!  Napaka-down to earth.

7.  ATBP! - The first time I saw this blog, I thought it was just an ordinary mixed blog because of the name, ATBP.  I thought it meant At Iba Pa, hahaha pero hindi pala.  I visit ATBP to scoop the latest tsismis in town.  Get it first here on ATBP! [Around The Buzz Primetime].

And for "halo-halo" blogs I love...

8.  TelTheWanderer - I just don't love her blog... I also love the blogger.  She is super bait and super bubbly.  I really, really like her travel pics and the food photos as well.

9.  Manila Fitness - Health and wellness awareness is increasing, more and more people are becoming conscious of their health and that's where Manila Fitness comes into play.  I check this blog too look for vegan restaurants around the metro.

10. Manila Blogs - If ever I need help or need to know more about blogging, blog design, etc., I just head on to EJ's blog.  The not-so-techie bloggers will benefit a lot from reading the articles.


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  1. thanks ann! super big help to! Apir! :)

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  3. Thank you for nominating Ann! :)

  4. hehe that's okay... anytime... online bayanihan, right?

  5. @kristel

    hi tel! i believe ikaw ang susunod na magiging ultimate solo backpacker, hehe... galing mo kasi eh.

    oo nga sana sa next trip ulit (",)

  6. @CosmoManila - you are always welcome NomNom! you deserve it!

  7. ann, salamat talaga... sus may utang pa ako sayo... i responded to your email na... thanks again!!!

  8. hi orman!

    ngek wla ka pong utang sakin.. it's just that i really love your blog and you deserve to be on the top 10 (not just on my list pero sa awards night din)

    thank you din!