Monday, December 27, 2010

Blued Clothing: Live and Wear Your College Dream

Remember college – when life was simple, fuss-free, and cool?

Those were the days when the world just revolved around classes, the never-ending homework, hanging out with friends at your favorite haunt, cheering your school team at the top of your voice (and risking a hoarse throat the next day), meeting froshies at the annual college acquaintance party, your trips out of the city (or if you’re lucky, the country) for your immersion projects, late nights at coffee shops finishing your thesis, and comatose-ing with your study group on pizza after acing the finals.  The list goes on actually – but simply put, life then was just a carefree joyride.

However, just because college is long over and gone doesn’t mean you can’t live (or re-live) its simple, casual days. Local clothing brand Blued lets you experience the college life once again with its timeless and classic styles that bring you back to those good old days of youthful fun.

Staying true to the spirit of clean, casual, and classic looks, Blued has remained the same fresh, uncomplicated clothing brand which was borne out of a college thesis 19 years ago.

“Blued has forever been faithful to the vibrant, preppy, and young college lifestyle,” says Benzon Tan, President of Blued. “Our collections always reflect our inspiration and we’re proud of our heritage as a purveyor of casual and classic styles.”
And part of the brand’s upcoming campaign is going back to its beginnings, which is the exciting college setting. With Blued’s newest plan entitled “The Blued Project,” the clothing brand is giving college students the chance of a lifetime to land a fashion-slash-business immersion.

The campaign is a cattle call for all university students to formulate an award-winning fashion design and marketing campaign for the brand. A team campaign will be chosen to represent each school, which will then compete for the coveted prize: an on-the-job immersion in Blued Clothing, which will culminate with the launch of their very own Blued Clothing line for the season.
“19 years ago, Blued started off as a business management thesis by a group of visionary collegians,” reminisces Tan. “This time, we want to give the new breed of stylish entrepreneurs a chance to realize their fashionable dreams.”

With Blued, the cool, casual college lifestyle doesn’t have to end at graduation.

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