Sunday, December 5, 2010

UNO Magazine: From Print to iPad

At first, I thought UNO Magazine is just your typical monthly men's magazine, but while browsing through it on iPad (yes, you read it right, iPad), I learned to love this mag.  I learned that it is a magazine that appreciates art and the articles are fun and extraordinaire.

Now, let's go back to the iPad.  Yes, proud iPad owners you can now carry your UNO copy with your touch screen decvice.  I am pleased to share that UNO Magazine is now available in eReader format via Press Display for the iPad, iPhone, and the Amazon Kindle.

Soon, it will also be available on the Android OS eReader format and readers can subscribe to this eMagazine for a very minimum fee.

One more thing I love about UNO.  It says in the magazine and I quote, "We love women.  It is our belief that digital tools should be used to emphasize natural beauty and/or enhance a specific aesthetic not for turning people into wax models.  We think that there's more to men (and women) than their surfaces."

RJ Ledesma, editor-in-chief and Jayvee Fernandez, online editor of UNO Magazine explained further about this during the UNO on iPad launch at te M1NT Bar and Restaurant, Taguig City last November 23.

RJ Ledesma and Jayvee Fernandez

They showed the magazine using the iPad and proudly points to the photos that are not Photoshoped.  Scars, marks, and other imperfections of the models can be seen and I, together with the other bloggers, were all surprised.  I think they are the only ones who are doing it.  Great job, UNO, great job!

To download here to download the PressReader App and subscribe to UNO Magazine.


  1. Ohh if only I have an IPAD. haha :P but kudos for UNO for not being ashamed with imperfections. it makes these models more "real" and "human". ;)

  2. hi hazel! i also don't own one... hehe

    yes, we're really amazed... it's good kasi pag nakita mo sa personal yung artista na yun, hindi ka magtataka kung siya ba yun kasi wla naman nabago sa magazine... di kagaya pag na-photoshop


    thanks for dropping by