Saturday, April 16, 2011

Faith Mission Book 1: A Book to Read this Lent

Faith Mission Book 1:  Mathematical Proofs of the Words of God

When I got an invite for the book launch, I readily accept it as it was like an invitation from God, inviting us to believe in him   again, and maybe, I thought, could answer the question of all humanity, "When will this earth end?"

But after getting into the launch yesterday at Manila Hotel, I got inspired by the author, Mr. Archimedes Fontanos Peńara.   His wife was given a second chance to live which also became his decisive moment.  He started dreaming about God. He was touched by God’s hand and was chosen by God to awaken mankind through God's words through mathematical representations.

Mr. Archimedes Fontanos Peńara, the author.

Now, the Book Craft Publishing, Inc. also was inspiring.  Mrs. Jovita Diaz-Aquino is the publisher of Book Craft Publishing Co. Inc.  She spoke how God changed her life especially now that the publishing industry is not that stable but through God, she made it.

Yes, I am not a math wizard and I haven't read the entire book yet, but I believe that God is Perfect.  This is what Mrs. Jovita Diaz-Aquino said as she explains how the book was created and even some "end-of-the-world thing" were explained.  But it all boils down to one thing, "God is Perfect."

Mrs. Jovita Diaz-Aquino, the publisher.

Lent is here, a season to repent, so I think this would be a good book to read than have a movie marathon next week.

Available at FULLY BOOKED branches The Fort, Rockwell, Promenade, Gateway, SM North, Mall of Asia, Cebu and Greenbelt 5.

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