Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Samsung Corby II: Always In Style and In Touch

This April, I attended the release of Samsung Corby II at SM Megamall.  The Corby II just got better and chic!  I usually don't prefer touchscreen phones but when I saw Corby II, I already had a change of mind.  And the best thing is, if you have P5,000 in your pocket and you need a phone that is Wi-Fi ready, you can already grab this phone.

To introduce you more to the product, continue browsing guys and see home you'll really stay in style and stay in touch.

What's chic with Samsung Corby II?  The colors of course!

Samsung Corby II follows the spirit of the original Samsung Corby on colors. Available with a range of bold colors (Festival Yellow, Candy Pink and Chic White)

The device also has mFluent built-in, allowing for instant messaging via a variety of platforms – including Facebook chat, Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk.

And it's easier to use!

Corby II’s enhanced touch interface will deliver a new, intuitive experience to Corby II users. TouchWiz enables multiple home screens and a smooth, easy-to-use menu that’s seamless to navigate. The device is a feature phone but it will feel like it has a smartphone interface since it allows users to read and reply to text messages without needing to quit a current task. The QuickType by t9 Trace is two to three times faster than standard typing and supports more than 75 languages, delivering a more convenient typing experience while reducing input error.

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