Monday, March 1, 2010

Walk on Water Balls: Chic and Cheap Activity for Kids

What’s Chic?

San Miguel by the Bay also known as Seaside Boulevard is really known for having bars and seafood restaurants around. But now, you and your kids can enjoy afternoons at One Esplanade because they have made it into some kind of a children’s park. They have playgrounds, little gym equipment, and they also have bump cars, and what we really love is the “Walk on Water Balls” or WOW Balls.

As its name suggests, you literally can walk into the water but you will need to be inside a big transparent ball.

That boy is MJ, our cute little neighbor enjoying the WOW Balls. But before he went inside that big transparent ball, we have some emergency signals. I told him to give me signs if he can’t catch his breath so I can approach the crew. But as he went inside, it seems like he really enjoyed it. He jumps, he does his tumbling thing and shouts.

After playing, I asked him questions.

Ate Ann: What does it feel inside the ball?

MJ: It’s hot, but I really love it.

Ate Ann: But can you breathe inside?

MJ: Yes.

Ate Ann: Did you enjoy it?

MJ: Yes, I enjoyed it. Can we go back here?

Ate Ann: Sure! (He asked me to come back, it means that he really liked it!)

What’s Cheap?

P50 for 10 minutes. At first, I was thinking that 10 minutes is too short for your P50, but now I know as MJ said that it’s hot inside, and when he went out he was full of sweat.

This is really a good activity for your children but first consider these things:

Player Safety Information

1. Not recommended for players with heart trouble/high blood pressure or respiratory illnesses.

2. Not recommended for pregnant women.

3. Not recommended for players who have had recent surgery.

4. Not recommended for players with neck trouble.

5. Not recommended for players with back trouble.

6. Not allowed for players that exceed 150 pounds weight limit.

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