Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gonuts Donuts' Eskimo Roll

The Chic

Everybody loves vanilla ice cream and you'll love it more once you've tried Gonuts Donuts' Eskimo Roll.  Munch on Eskimo Rolls made of a scoop of heavenly cold vanilla ice cream tucked in two pieces of chewy chip cookies.

I ordered one at Gonuts Donuts South Super Highway after work as I wanted to eat something cold, fudgy and yummy.  I thought of eating a sundae but saw the ads of Eskimo Rolls on Facebook earlier that day, so I shifted to it.  I'm happy that I did.  I just hope it is a bit bigger though, hahaha.

This is really perfect to beat your sweet merienda cravings!!!

The Cheap

Grab loads of Eskimo Roll on your nearest Gonuts Donuts Store for only P29.

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