Friday, April 23, 2010

RAWlicious: Super Green Smoothies at Legazpi Weekend Market

The Chic:
I was at the Rockwell's Urban Bazaar last March 2010 and found RAWlicious.  I'm not really a fan of green smoothies but when the friendly owner approached me and have a free taste of it, wow, this is a one great super green smoothie.

 The RAWlicious Must-Try:

There's nothing more refreshing than sipping on a glass of "Hella Green" smoothie of RAWlicious.  I love the exotic combination of fruit bevies with veggies.  Healthy and at the same time yummy!!!

Green Monster Xavier  

This drink has a "kick".  A kick from the taste of ginger combined on your drink but the bananas and pineapple contrast it with sweetness.  Green Monster is more suited for adults.

Joe's Green Mind

I haven't tried this one but they say this is one of the bestsellers.  Now, I know, I'll pick this drink next time I visit the weekend market in Legaspi Village.

The Cheap:
RAWlicious prizes are so affordable than your tall or grande cup of coffee.

Hella Green            = P75, P85
Joe's Green Mind  = P75, P85
Green Monster      = P70, P80
Crazy Safo             = P85, P95
Mary Apple           = P80, P90
Sebby's                  = P110, P125
Melly's                  = P110, P125

The Place:
Visit RAWlicious at weekend organic market in Legazpi Village, Makati City.

I'm excited to have more fruit and veggie combos next time.  Guys, suggest other fruits and veggies here that you've tried and are good to make a smoothie.  How about watermelon and pears?
        My officemate  makes a cucumber shake, how about trying this one?  Have a green day ahead!


  1. Please clarify: Do you mean the Rockwell Bazaar, or the Legazpi Sunday Market? While it has been quite a while since I last visited Legazpi, I didn't see RAWlicious there then, and I'm not too familiar with Rockwell's weekend bazaar.

    Anyway, thanks for this great find! :-)

  2. hi josh! thanks for the heads up... it's in Legazpi weekend market... the Rockwell Bazaar was only a three-day event last March...

  3. Great post! I just started drinking green smoothies and am hooked.

    I've been posting some experimental recipes for them on my site. Check 'em out if you'd like:


  4. wow, i might try one of your experiments, too... thanks for dropping a comment Sarah

  5. Ann, thank you so much for liking our green monster mayhem smoothies. It brings us great joy when people like it...these are the things that keep us going. All we want is for everyone to try and be healthy and most especially promote natural & organic foods/products. Thank you ann!!!! all the best to you. wishing you a super green happy day ahead!. CHEERS!

  6. Wow, I wish I could try this out myself! So cool to hear that the smoothies are pleasing the people over there.
    Angela, how about coming over here and open a stand?
    Cheers from Norway and Hella Green herself

  7. @Angela

    wish you could expand your market now... maybe at the malls... thank you for your letter... sure, i'll be passing by RAWlicious one Sunday morning...

    and look at the comments I got here... most of them are from abroad...

  8. @Anonymous, why not come here at the Philippines... try to have summer here and get a taste of the Hella Green...

    summer is fun here at our country


  9. That Joe's Green is so delicious.PEOPLE DO NOT MISS OUT ON THAT ONE! mmmm so gosh darn delicious.having one right now hehehe