Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Green City of the South

One of the "Go Green" projects in our company is to put potted herbs and flowering plants on the office grounds.  We have to plant and donate those plants.  I'm really wondering whre I can get one here in the city.  As we all know houses and buildings covers the metro.

Then I remember, my dad used to plant pechays on our little garden.  I asked him where did he get those seedlings.  And then he drove me to CAA, a small community in Las Pinas City.  I was shocked to see greens at the end of the road.  When I was a kid, CAA was full of illegal settles but now half of it looks more of a farm.

We bought pechay seedlings from a man we saw cultivating on his farm.  Other than pechay, my dad and the man showed to me onions, camote and gabi.  I'm really happy to see green leafy plants in the city of Las Pinas.

On our way home, I saw this sign.  And then one thing flashed on my mind, Las Pinas City was awarded as the greenest and cleanest city in NCR.  I thought that was only a press release from Sen. Manny Villar and Cynthia Villar because I haven't seen anything green in Las Pinas.  Clean?  Yes, Las Pinas is clean.  That part of CAA prove me wrong.  Now, I  can say that Las Pinas is the green city of the south.

NOTE:  I am not endorsing Sen. Manny Villar nor Congresswoman Cynthia Villar.  I just want to share with you the city that I live in which is Las Pinas and I'm hoping that other cities would follow our home, our city, Las Pinas' steps.

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