Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dockers Daddy's Day Promo: Win Khaki Pants For Dad!

In celebration of Daddy's Day, Dockers launched its first ever online promotion, Dockers Dad.  It is simple enough to join, no purchase requirement and the instructions are simple enough to follow at Please feel free to participate and maybe you will be one of the five winners.


Win Dad a Dockers Khaki by simply following these simple instructions –

Who are Qualified
If you are a wife, daughter, son, brother, sister or grandparents and Filipino residing in the Philippines and want to treat the “man of the house”, you are definitely qualified.

1. Check out the Facebook Dockers Dad Photo Album.
2. Look at each of the Dockers Dad and see which of them best describes your ‘kind of dad’.

Techie Dad – loves more pockets for more gadgets

Fun Dad – not afraid of colors or prints

Outdoor Dad – always on the go wearing his fave shorts

Formal Dad – always dressed for success

Cool Dad – hip to wear something fit

3. Click Like and put your Comment – begin your statement with

“I LOVE KHAKIS for Dad because…

Then briefly tell us what makes him your ‘choice’ of Dockers Dad.


I LOVE KHAKIS for Dad because he seems comfortable with it and it matches really well with any of his shirts.

My Dad, is a Techie Dad, because he simply loves gadgets! He never leaves home without it. Oh by the way, he even loves gaming too! Techie Dad isn’t he?

4. After posting your choice and comment, get your friends and family to Like your post. The post that gets the most number of Like will be the winner.

5. In case of a tie, Dockers will determine the winner based on the comment posted. The more original the comment the higher the score.

6. There will a total of five (5) winners. One winner for each kind of Dockers Dad. Each winner will get P3,000.00 worth of Dockers gift certificate. Gift certificates can be used at selected Dockers stores – Trinoma, Rockwell, Glorietta, Robinsons Ermita, Festival Mall and Ayala Cebu.

7. Winners will be announced through Dockers Fan Page on June 20, 2011, Monday at 1PM.

Promo begins May 19, 2011 and ends on Daddy’s Day, June 19, 2011.

For more details visit

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