Friday, May 13, 2011

PROACTIV Solution Anti-Acne System Now Available in the Philippines

Good thing I do not have a sensitive skin.  Even if I "eat a bowl of peanuts and stay late" at night, I am still free of pimples.  Seriously, do you believe in this kind of beauty myth?

A lot of teenagers on the spectrum of puberty will experience body changes and one of it is having acne.  Some say it is genetic but the most factor in the formation of acne is hormonal.

I really believe that the cause is hormonal and we should not blame it to the chocolates and peanuts.  My brother is already 21 years old and he still has scattered acne on his face.  He has tried a lot of products whether topical or ingested drugs for acne but they still don't work.

Here in the Philippines, we believe on the power of herbal medicines, but in my brother's case, they also have no effect on him.  Until one time, we saw an ad on the internet about Proactiv Solution.  We thought it is only available in other countries, but as we surf the web, we are very pleased that it is now available here in the Philippines.

My little brother is really excited about this product.  On his next payday, he will surely grab one and what is more fun is that Proactiv Solution has an ongoing promo for students, guys!  You might also be interested so please read on for the mechanics on how to redeem your gift pack.

  1. Customer must buy Proactiv 60-day kit from any of the participating stores mentioned above.
  1. Customer must buy within the prescribed promo period. Purchases of Proactiv Kits outside the promo period are not eligible to redeem free item with.
  1. To redeem the FREE Gift Pack with SRP P1399, customer must present a proof of identification that he/she is a bona fide student of a school or university.
  1. Customer must sign the Promo Terms and Conditions Agreement Form which will be provided by respective Proactiv Promodisers to the first 10 buyers per participating outlet. 
  1. If Customer avails of the standard limited Money Back Guarantee issued by the distributor- Top American Products Solution Inc (TAPS). The customer has 2 choices:
    1. The customer can avail of the full refund of Proactiv 60 day kit provided that he/she will return both products (Proactiv 60 day kit and the FREE Gift Pack to - Top American Products Solution Inc (TAPS).
    2. Should the customer wish to keep the FREE Gift Pack P1399, the refund value will be deducted from the SRP of Proactiv 60 day kit. The refund value will be P2596.

We will surely visit one of these branches in my brother's next payday.  I am so excited as it is just around Glorietta 3!


Glorietta 3 Branch
(Near the entrance of Glorietta 3; infront of Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins)
Contact Person: Gladys May Flores
Contact Number: (02) 388 28 48

Robinsons Galleria Branch
(Located at 3rd floor, West Wing; near VMV Hypoallergenics, Vivere Salon)
Contact Person: Ginalyn Flores
Contact Number: (02) 380 5506

Shoppes@Victoria, Victoria Towers Timog
(Located near Timog entrance of Shoppes@Victoria; near BDO)
Contact Person: Monaliza Pawilan
Contact Number: +63916 422 2995

Trinoma Branch
(Located at Second Floor of Trinoma; near Reebok, Stoked Inc.)
Contact Person: Jean Tamayo
Contact Number: (02) 380 3801

Marquee Mall, Angeles
(Located at First Floor of Marquee Mall; near Vans, Mango, Maldita)
Contact Person: Evangeline Bersabe
Contact Number:  +63915 385 3103 / +63949 737 0444

Il Terazzo Mall, Tomas Morato (New!)*
(Located in First Floor of Ill Terrazzo; near Girl Shoppe, Omakase)
Contact Person: Efren Jaranilla
Contact Number:  +63912 231 4271

*Promo mentioned above is not available in Il Terazzo branch.


  1. try ko rin ang Pro Activ.. i'm sure its effective

  2. wow really that's a good product and im sure its effective because they are confident about their product eh.thanks for the information sis.

  3. hope they offer samples too, right?