Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lee Kum Kee: Learn How to "Cook with the Masters" at Weekend Cooking Festival

I really do not know what's with August because I attended a lot of cooking demos that month.  I think there really is an irony here.  I am the one who's excited for my brother's college course, which is HRM.  Since he took that course, I also get myself into cookbooks, flairtending events, and watch cooking shows.

One of the cooking demos I attended last August is Lee Kum Kee's Cook with the Masters.  In celebration with Lee Kum Kee's 123rd Anniversary, they conducted this weekend cooking festival which is, I think, also their way of saying thank you to us, their dearest consumers.

Here, not only we did enjoy the live cooking demo from the master chef himself, Chef Sandy Daza, but we also had fun at the Lee Kum Kee Challenges.

I, together with the other bloggers, learned a lot from Lee Kum Kee's History Wall, we enjoyed Lee Kum Kee's different sauces and dips in their taste test booth, and of course, I love this one, the photobooth!

Some of the lucky viewers also had the chance to literally "Cook with the Masters".  They volunteered and cooked with Chef Sandy Daza.  Chef Sandy showed us how versatile Lee Kum Kee sauces are.  He used Lee Kum Kee with chicken, fish, tofu, and even with vegetables.  He also shared to us some secrets of the masters.

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