Friday, November 4, 2011

ECHOyoga Workshops

ECHOyoga: Empowerment, Care, Health, and Oneness

Yoga is a practice than promotes wellness when done regularly. However, even non-yoga practitioners can learn new therapies for the body. ECHOyoga's November therapy workshops, all run by certified teachers, focus on relieving pain such as Yoga Therapy for Low Back Pain, a one-off workshop on November 19 for those suffering from lower back stiffness and pain. The workshop, to be taught by Avril Rodriguez, will introduce a sequence of poses to slowly and gently relax sore back muscles, hip pain, knee injuries, low back strain, and ankle sprains. 

Yoga's restorative poses likewise help seniors strengthen their bones and balance. Marilen Elizalde will lead a three-session workshop as a Senior's Introduction to Yoga on November 7, 14, and 21. This workshop will allow golden seniors to do simple yoga sequences daily for better health and mobility.

ECHOyoga balances all physical movement workshops with inner work through two course offerings this month. A Past Life Group Regression will be facilitated by Jeannie Javelosa on November 5. At a Crossroad: Making Sense of Your Life Journey, an reflective inner awareness workshop using creativity techniques to make sense of life pointers and clues to direct you to your life's work, will be facilitated by Vicky Ortega on November 26.

November Workshops 
Past Life Group Regression (Inner Work Series) 
November 5, Saturday, 4-6pm 
Facilitator: Jeannie Javelosa 
Fee: P1,000
A group regression session that opens the subconscious to visualization of possible past life connections. Includes meditation, facilitation for regression into subconscious and soul work, and group discussion.
Bring a notebook and pen. Dress in comfortable clothing. 

Seniors Introduction to Yoga 
November 7-14-21, three Mondays, 4:30-6pm 
Teacher: Marilen Elizalde 
Fee: P500 per class, or P1,200 for three classes 
A three-session series of gentle-restorative classes to introduce citizens into practicing selected yoga poses for strengthening the bones, balance, and focus.

Yoga Therapy for Athletes (For Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation) 
November 12, Saturday, 4-6pm 
Teacher: Sen Sanchez 
Fee: P1,000 
This workshop will offer a series of therapeutic yoga sequences for athletes, trainers, and physical therapists. The workshop will address sore muscles, hip pain, knee injuries, low back strain, and ankle sprains. By loosening up tight muscles, yoga helps improve total body mobility and flexibility, giving a greater range of motion and improving performance.

Yoga Therapy for Low Back Pain 
November 19, Saturday, 4-6pm 
Teacher: Avril Rodriguez 
Fee: P1,000 
A one-off workshop for those suffering from lower back stiffness and pain. This introduce a sequence of poses to gently relax and strengthen sore back muscles, to decompress and improve the flexibility of the spine, and promote better posture. 

At a Crossroad: Making Sense of Your Life Journey (Inner Work Series) 
November 26, Saturday, 4-6pm 
Facilitator: Vicky Ortega 
Fee: P1,000
A one-off session offered twice this quarter. Do you respond to the following questions: Are you lost? Are you wondering where to take your life? In need of direction? Wondering how to make your life more meaningful? Then this workshop is for you. Life is a maze of intersecting paths--crossroads that raise the question Where am I going? There are pointers and clues but, to see them, we have to shift our focus and awareness from the outside to the inside--to our inner intelligence and memory. Trace your life journey with creative thinking techniques that allow you to make sense of clues and pointers that direct you to your life's work.
Bring a notebook and pen. Dress in comfortable clothing.

Please register via SMS at 0906 506 3958 or via email at, rather than walk in on the day of the workshop. Workshops are cancelled when there are no signups.
Visit our website at for our schedule of regular classes (Gentle Flow, Led Ashtanga, and more) until December 10.

ECHOyoga Community Center
Penthouse, Century Plaza, 120 Perea St., Legaspi Village, Makati 
SMS: 0906 506 3958

For more information, visit, SMS 0906-5063598, or emailechoyogaworkshop@gmail.comAll workshops will be held at the ECHOyoga Community Center.

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