Monday, November 21, 2011

HISTORY ASIA: Hidden Cities Season 2

Calling all HISTORY buffs out there! Of course, non-history lovers are invited too to appreciate HISTORY in a no-nose-bleed way (haha) as Hidden Cities, History Channel Asia's flagship series, will soon conquer your TV sets again on November 23rd, Wednesday at 9 p.m. for its second season.

Hidden Cities returns with eight episodes across Asia to include Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, and to my surprise -- Philippines!  I am excited to see Anthony Morse's episode here in our archipelago.  I wonder what he has uncovered.

But what made me more excited was when I saw Anthony Morse here in Manila for his press conference at the Manila Hotel where he gave us a sneak preview on his adventures.

Premieres 23 Nove

Premieres 23 November, Wednesday, 9pm
In Vietnam, he investigates the fascination the Vietnamese have for turtles – and the powerful symbolism of wisdom attached to the creature.  

Premieres 30 November, Wednesday, 9pm

Premieres 7 December, Wednesday, 9pm
In Thailand, Morse uncovers the temple relics of the ancient city Wiang Kum Kam where once the majestic kingdom of Lanna stood ground.

China's Yangtze & the Grand Canal
Premieres 14 December, Wednesday, 9pm
While in China, he finds out that ancient imperial musicians faced the threat of beheading if the note they played were out of tune.

Premieres 21 December, Wednesday, 9pm
In Sumatra, he unravels the dark past of a mining community during the Dutch occupation. 

The Philippines
Premieres 4 January, Wednesday, 9pm
And in the Philippines, he rubs shoulders with former First Lady Imelda Marcos in the very same presidential palace she once housed her infamous shoes collection.

And a lot more episodes from different "Hidden Cities"!

*I love the episode where he showed to us his cooking skills (hihi).  I can't remember if it's in Vietnam or Thailand.  I would really love to see more dishes from other Asian countries because I know food is also part of a country's history.  Hope in Season 3, Hidden Cities can also unravel a little bit of the traditional culinary cuisines of each "Hidden Cities" he visits.

For more updates on the episodes, visit Hidden Cities Facebook Page and!

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