Thursday, November 10, 2011

High School Days - When Life Was Simple... NO INTERNET YET

I remember, when I was in high school, I am still not aware of the Internet!  Yes, I know how to use the computer since I was in kinder but really no idea of the world wide web way back in high school.

I studied in a public school in Pangasinan.  We only have access to books through our library if we have assignments and research stuffs.  It was only in college when I get to know about Yahoo, Google, and other search engines and websites.

I stayed in a computer shop with my friend and I was like a kid staring on what she is doing (by the way, she does not know that I am not aware of the net!)  Getting the idea on how to do it.  I was actually pretending I know how to surf!

Then when I got home, I went to a computer shop close to our home and tried it myself.  Wow!  I was really amazed.  Everything can be found on the web!

This thing goes in my head, "If we had it during my high school days, maybe I got better grades!  If we have this during high school, it would make my homeworks easier.

We have projects in literature in college and it is just a click on the Internet.  I got all the stuff I needed and everything is hassle-free and "free" literally.  Free essay, poems, myths, scripts,, authors' biography, even a copy of a whole book is present on the Internet with photos and other stuff.  My life in college was easier than in high school.  But come to think of it, I still miss the days when we go to the library.  You would really know what your school report was all about than just copying and pasting like students are doing now.

One time, I remember a friend of mine forgot to edit her work.  She copied the whole page and did not delete the links, the Ads, etc.  It was obviously "copy-paste" as they say.  Our clinical instructor just laughed at his work and reminded him to erase those details next time.

But still, I am thinking, why not bring the "world wide web" to my little old school.  I am planning to donate a computer to my Alma Mater and help them get a nice Internet connection.  It would be a great help for the students and even for the teachers for sure.  I still have 4 months to save money to be able to buy a set of computer.  But sponsors are welcome, too! Hahaha!  Just kidding!

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