Friday, November 4, 2011

New Year, New Blog - Soon to Release Discount Coupon Posts

Christmas is near and the new year is drawing near.  I am thinking of starting a new blog again.  New year, new blog.

Actually, I was making plans of doing it way back last year.  I was planning to put up a blogsite talking about discount coupons, mobile discount codes, printed coupons, buy 1 take 1 deals - how I saved money from all these coupons.

I got the idea when I first got my copy of the Belle de Jour Power Planner 2010 in 2009, a planner packed with discount vouchers.  I want to blog how I saved on my gimmicks and on my shopping with the help of these coupons.  I want to encourage the readers to save funds for the rainy days without suffering little rewards they have for themselves.

I really thought discount coupons don't exist in the Philippines. There come a time when I said to myself I want to live in the states just because of the coupons that they can easily get when they buy the morning newspaper (I saw a feature of it on TV and these are the same stories my online friends tell me about coupons).  They will just cut the coupons and use it in the grocery stores.  They have the one-dollar store, left and right garage sales, and even online shops, especially if you're up to buying gadgets from DSLRs, cell phones, camcorders, LCD TV, they have sites offering what they call cyber Monday deal.

Penny pinchers like me would really love to stay in the U.S.  But things change!  Thrift stores are now all over the country and little by little we are introduced to "groupons" or coupon-buying sites.

Yes, I admit, when it comes to money, I am stint but not to the extent that I will sacrifice the quality and standards.

But wait, guys, please help me find a name for the blog that I am having in mind, please?  Drop a comment here and will surely appreciate it.  Thank you, dear readers!

Ann (",)