Friday, May 7, 2010

Belle De Jour Rendesvous: A Better You This Summer!

Last April 10, fifty Belle de Jour Power Planner girls flocked to The Ramp, Crossings, Glorietta 3 to join the first Belle De Jour Rendesvous this year.  The Bellas dropped by to hear Tin Romano's tips on how to be financially free. 

Odessa Coral of Barre3 also shared to us how to step up to fitness not only this summer but for the rest of our lives. 

And the secrets to a get a sun-kissed style were given to us by Ms. Jasmine Mendiola, former Cosmo editor.  She also shared to us the newest Unarosa Convertible Dress that can  be worn 15 ways.

 There were loads of activities and freebies to all attendees from White Hat Yogurt, Ace Water Spa, Michelis, and a lot more.  And the best thing is every BDJ planner users came out feeling confident and financially free.

Other photos from the Belle de Jour Rendesvous event:

More Photos on Belle De Jour Power Planner's Facebook Fan Page!!!


  1. Ace Water Spa discount card chyng... do you want one? dalawa na kc card ko... ung isa binigay ko rin sa friend ko...

  2. yup, 10% discount card... hehe sorry nakalimutan ko ilagay ung 10%... meron ka na?