Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eat White Hat Frozen Yogurts for a Cause

When I attended the White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt's Celebrity for Charity event, I didn't know that my cup of White Hat Frozen Yogurt will go a long way... That all it takes is 250 cups of White Hat Yogurt for us to make one scholar with one year of secondary education, and when one unites, it can do so much more. With the help from Miriam, her sponsors and with the support of Real LIFE Foundation volunteers, it was all possible.

Despite being delayed for a week caused by a fire incident in Shangri-La Plaza, Miriam still has a positive attitude when she arrived. Miriam Quiambao volunteered to help raise funds for Real LIFE Foundation last May 2, 2010 at The White Hat Shangri-La Plaza.  Our goal was to give at least one scholarship.

There were a lot of ways to help during that day; beat the heat with a refreshing taste of Miriam’s unique combo, “Have the Hots for Miriam’s Hats”.

You can purchase the Limited Edition Little Miss White Hat Shirts (P300) designed by Ms. Miriam Quiambao in collaboration with The Perfect White Shirt.

Miriam's fans, loyal White Hat customers, supporters of Real LIFE Foundation began flocking the area as they all waited in line to be served by Miriam. Support from sponsors also gave their fair share in helping Ms. Quiambao in reaching her goal. Lay Bare Gift Certificates from their Libis Branch and a free Hair Makeover from Hairworks Salon were given as raffle prizes, and a pack of White Radiance Facial Mask courtesy of Olay Philippines were distributed to all Miriam’s hats buyers.

 I ordered the Summer Delight combo (P120)

Two very unique and enticingly scrumptious combo creations were offered for the whole day; Summer Delight, a unique blend of Original Yogurt with Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Kiwi and Homemade Granola for a zesty summer and Passionate Indulgence, an exceptional flavor of Original Yogurt with Homemade Brownies, Walnut Streusel topped with Chocolate Syrup for the chocolate lovers.

Spoonful after spoonful of yogurt, the crowd patiently waited for Miriam to finally finish serving. As she finally stepped out of the counter, it was time to have the customers pictures taken with the beauty queen, everyone’s faces started lighting up! Excitement filled the air as each person started getting their numbered stubs in one hand and their cameras on the other. After a few minutes of photo session with Miriam, she happily smiled to everyone inside the store and had a little chat with every customer.

Bloggers like me also got the chance to have a private talk with Ms. Quiambao about her advocacy and how she started doing volunteer work for Real LIFE Foundation. It was too good of a conversation to stop the bloggers from asking questions and for Miriam to answer them but the day was almost over and it was time to draw the 10 lucky winners for the raffle.

Winners, bloggers, volunteers and fans all came out with a big smile on their faces and rewarded, knowing that their long weekend was well spent. Not only did they get a chance to meet and actually talk with Ms. Universe winner Miriam Quiambao, or bonded with their family and friends but what’s truly fulfilling and satisfying was that they get to help out young people get what they truly deserve in LIFE, an education. Indeed, this fund raising activity was a success achieving its goal of raising funds to help the Real Life Foundation kids and able to Change a LIFE this summer.

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