Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Organic Rituals Spa: Home Sweet Spa Party


Instead of having your usual fun group date, why not have a spa party where everyone can relax and unwind?  Organic Rituals Spa is just the place to do this, with its convenient location at Greenhills, San Juan, and a home-inspired theme.

The bloggers' sparty we experience last May 8, 2010, arranged by Your Majesty Sire Arevalo, is a great example of this wellness-themed kind of party, the spa party.  Time to take a break from a hectic lifestyle, instead dabble in everything Organic Rituals has to offer.

Organic Rituals is big on small things like giving us a complimentary honey-lemon tea drink before every treatment.  By just drinking their cup of tea, I'm sure you'll visit Organic Rituals Spa again.  No spells or potions for this semi-hot tea, it's just the sweet bits of lemon peels that goes to buzz your taste buds.

Then we were asked to have a draw on what services we will get.  I got to pick the hand spa with salt scrub.  It was my first time to experience a hand spa.  I usually have foot spa.  While waiting for my turn, Nikki Angangco, the pretty owner of Organic Rituals, asked me to choose one soothing salt scrub that I want ranging from mango, cranberry, fresh bamboo, seaweed and a lot more.  I chose the cranberry salt for its smell, and a wide array of essential oils from which I selected the green tea scent.

Organic Rituals Spa focuses on each individuals needs by offering customized treatment of soaks, lotions, scrubs and essential oils, that cannot be found to other spa in the metro from qualified practitioners.

Now the pampered hands begins with a mixture of essential oil and salts that scrubs away dead skin cells from your skin followed with a hand wrap.  Next is a head and shoulder massage.  I was afraid of the massage at first because I was thinking about my past experiences from the massages I got from other spas I went through.  But Arlene, a friendly staff, proved me wrong.  Her touch made me realize that no matter how appealing the treatment offerings are, it is ultimately the therapist's curative hands that stand the test of time.  To finish it off, she washed my hands, buffed my nails and had a little hand massage.  Relaxing!

Cranberry Salt Scrub

The spa also offers an extensive range of treatments from long-wear pedicure, which uses vegan nail polish called Zoya,  experience by Sai; foot spa by Don; Alex and Shen were pampered with the pure back massage.  And don't miss their signature Dream Weaver (aromatherapy massage) experienced by Sire and Mabelle.

 Vegan Nail Polish - Zoya

If these mani-pedi and massages aren't your cup of tea, Hilot Therapy (traditional hilot, dagdagay and bentosa) is also an offer.

If you're ready to throw next party or just ready to take a break from a hectic lifestyle, Organic Rituals Spa will not disappoint.

Please contact Organic Rituals Spa to know more about their spa party packages.

Organic Rituals Spa
Open Monday - Saturday, 11AM to 9PM. By appointment on Sundays.
Phone: 661-3101

Facebook Page:   Organic Rituals Spa


  1. hehe thanks... you should try this spa together with your gf.. sulit

  2. Spa party!!!!!! Sayang didn't get an invite for this one.

  3. hi cher!

    i'll alert you next time... better yet try their great services...


  4. Wow, been looking for a hilot massage... how much is their hilot massage? :)

    looks like a fun event! ;)

    Between Bites

  5. hi ms. jane! i updated the service range of Organic Rituals Spa's Hilot Therapy

    traditional hilot (60 mins) - P600
    traditional hilot w/ dagdagay - P900
    traditional hilot w/ bentosa - P1200

    Dagdagay (30 mins) - P500

    Bentosa (30 mins) - P500

    DREAM WEAVER (60 mins) - P600

    and their service is really good ms. jane (",)... you should really try to visit Organic Rituals