Sunday, May 9, 2010

Heavenly Chocolates: Chocolate Appreciation 101

 You're a chocolate lover, but how well do you know your chocolate?  I'll share with you some of the chocolate trivia I learned from Heavenly Chocolates' seminar, Chocolate Appreciation 101 last April 24 at Roces Avenue, Quezon City from Ms. Marga Manlapig, a chocovangelist and also a blogger.

Chocolate Trivia for Chocoholics

Chocnut is not considered as a chocolate.

Three Musketeers, Baby Ruth and Snickers are not considered as chocolate bars.  Only part of it is chocolate and it is mostly made of nougat.

Chocolates are made from beans of the cocoa fruit.

Several thousand years ago, chocolate is not really sweet, it is spicy.

White chocolate is not a chocolate.  It is extracted fat from cocoa beans, more known today as cocoa butter.

How to Make a Ganache

Ms. Marla taught to us how to make a ganache for fondue.  After that, she added a little vodka powder and rolled it to cocoa powder to make a ganache to be used to make truffles.

Now, the greatest part is the chocolate tasting.  We explored some of Heavenly Chocolates' best chocolates.  We got to taste chocolate drinks, nama, nama sachi, and of course, the truffles.  I really love the nama sachi for its chocolatey minty taste for only P350 per box.

Heavenly Chocolates Price List

Heavenly Chocolates Menu

Heavenly Chocolates
127 Roces Avenue (corner T. Morato)
Quezon City


  1. those chocolates are yummy!!! nice to meet you at ogranic rituals yesterday as well. till the next event sis. :)

  2. thanks Ms. Erlyn for dropping by...

  3. hey ann, midge/marga manlapig and eRLyn are my blogmates too; saya naman nag meet na pala kyo. tina, gabby and i will attend this chocolate appreciation (finally) tomorrow at 6pm.

  4. wow, friend nyo po si ms. erlyn... mgkasama po kami dun sa isang event last two weeks... si marga nman po, dito ko lang siya nakilala sa 101... galing nga po niya...

    punta rin po ako bukas (",) see you