Sunday, January 16, 2011

Athena Milk For Women: Beauty Plus Nutrition

Om my previous post, I have found the right milk for my foster kid brother, and now I’ve got the right one for me.  Medical transcriptionist during the day and a multitasking blogger who attends gatherings later in the day and blogs at night, and sometimes spruced up with home chores.  Whew, really tiring!  I think I have compromise my health more than once.  So good thing that Athena Milk for Women understands the needs of the modern day Filipinas, who always want to stay fit and attractive.

“Beautrition” for the modern-day Filipina
Today’s Filipino woman is a multi-tasker who faces professional and personal challenges every day.

Athena is the only milk that understands modern-day Filipino women and helps them win their daily battles. Athena promises more benefits than any other skimmed milk brand in the Philippines by offering Beautrition – a combination of beauty and nutrition that gives women a triad of benefits to help them win their everyday battles:

  • Beautiful Skin. Athena provides anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, E & Zinc) to help women’s skin become healthier and more beautiful.
  • Strong Bones. Athena is high in calcium to help strengthen women’s bones.
  • Slim Figure. Athena is low in fat to help women maintain a slimmer figure.

Athena is available in leading supermarkets, groceries and drugstores nationwide.  Also available in chocolate flavor.


Unilab Nutritionals introduces Athena, the Philippines’ first milk brand for women
Athena helps women fight their every day battles with a triad of health and beauty benefits – a first of its kind in the milk category

Unilab Nutritionals launched Athena, the country’s first and only milk brand that understands women. The event, held last November 26, 2010 in the Grand Ballroom of the New World Renaissance Hotel, introduced Athena’s triad of benefits, a first in the Philippines, and its endorser, Bianca Araneta-Elizalde.

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde is the Athena Woman
Bianca Araneta-Elizalde was introduced as Athena’s endorser for the way she has been able to successfully manage the different aspects of her life. Amid her various roles as model, TV host, entrepreneur, environmentalist and philanthropist, she still has time to be hands-on mother to two children and a caring wife to Juan Elizalde.

Bianca’s believes that Athena is the milk that perfectly complements her lifestyle. “The Beautrition benefit from Athena is unlike any other. I love it! Athena helps me get through my everyday challenges,” she said.

Three Women, Three Benefits
Event-host Bianca Valero also introduced three brand influencers that represent, through the active lives they lead, Athena’s triad of benefits: Lia Cruz who embodied strength through her career as a TV host, Sandra Seifert who embodied body as an active health buff, and Rissa Mananquil who embodied beauty through her successful international modeling career and fashion icon status.

Each shared about how they were able to successfully manage their busy schedules while still finding time to do the things they love to do.

“Women were looking for a milk product that provides not only health benefits but beauty benefits as well,” said Unilab Nutritionals Division Head, Brenda Miranda. “Athena with Beautrition answers that need and we’re proud to have launched the first and only milk in the Philippines that truly understands women.”


  1. Milk is very vital for women. In adulthood, they can have a disorder called Osteoporosis. Calcium in milk can help prevent them from having this disorder.

  2. I'll try this one. How much does it cost?

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