Wednesday, January 12, 2011

AyosDito.Ph: Working Homebased, Laptop or Desktop?

If you frequent my blog, you will know by then that I work as a BPO agent, a medical-slash-legal transcriptionist in particular.   Most of you might think that I work homebased, but I'm not.  I work in an office environment.

Last year my mom left us, so I have difficulty managing my time between work and family.  I also began to have financial difficulties.

During those moments, I started thinking of doing something on my own, a homebased job.  I first researched on the ups and downs of working at home and the things needed to start with.

First thing on the list, of course, is a desktop computer or a laptop.  I do not own one now, guys, so please help me weigh those two.

With nothing to lose, I searched the net one day for cheap laptops, and by chance, I landed on AyosDito.Ph.  I find it easy to browse the items because the sellers have pictures of their items, and just below the products you can the prices immediately.  I always look first on the price (price matters even when I go to grocery stores, haha).

Look what I found, guys.

On the pink corner, a Sony Vaio worth P22, 000.

And on the other side, a black desktop pricing P10, 500.

Would it be a laptop or a desktop?  Which do you think is more comfortable to work with for a homebased job?  I need your expertise, techie readers.  Help me in my entrepreneural journey.


  1. For homebased job, I'd go for desktop because you can easily upgrade part per parts...

  2. Go with the desktop you are homebased so you can only work at home. :D

  3. I am the fan of laptop so I prefered to use it, much comfortable to work with,just expensive though lol

  4. bet ko ang desktop.

    lalo na kung naka LCD/LED screen ka..

  5. ah oo nga po noh, kasi pag nasira yung isa pwd mo individually bilhin yung parts di gaya ng laptop na ngccrash... thanks ms. peach!

    pwede pa bumili ng parts sa

  6. hi ms. florida! thanks for your comment... may point ka rin po kasi kahit san pwd dalhin yung laptop... any brand in particular?

  7. i'll go for desktop. :)

  8. oh, thanks Helen!

    have you also tried scouting for items in AyosDito?

  9. Hello need ko research expert please email me