Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joseph and Jamemark’s Family Grill: Out of the Usual Ways of Preparing Restaurant Staples

First impression? I initially thought Joseph & Jaemark’s was just another bar and grill restaurant, but upon entering it seems like a classic Filipino dining area because of the materials for its décor: colorful glass windows, paintings, wooden furniture, and low lighting.

And the food? Again, Joseph & Jaemark’s proved that we have a wrong impression of them being just an ordinary bar and grill restaurant. It has a healthier and unusual take on preparing the timeless food favorites.

Catfish Salad

A healthier alternative to chicharon as an appetizer. It is shredded until the desired texture and deep fried into perfection making its crispiness lasts for hours, and served with tangy mango and vinegar combo.

Crispy Buntot ng Tuna

Our favorite sinful dish, crispy pata is given a new healthier twist by switching pata with tuna. The tuna was cooked just the way I like my crispy pata. It’s crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Much yummier when dipped in their soy sauce + butter sauce.

And another way of eating it? I dunked it into my Salmon Sinigang (another yummy dish offered in this restaurant). Heavenly!

Stuffed Pechay

If other restos just serve you boiled greens plus bagoong, well, Joseph & Jaemark’s packed the bland-looking pechay with tinapa (dried fish) and other ingredients smothered into a special sauce. You can’t see what’s inside, but as you have a spoonful of it there’s a burst of flavors.

Bicol Express

At first, I thought it was pinakbet because in other restaurants, bicol express is just plain pork with chili peppers. You can request if you want it spicier or less as Joseph & Jaemark’s adjusts to their client’s need.

If you’re craving for beer, then most probably, you’re looking at the wrong menu because they emphasized it as a “family” grill. Although they have it in the list, they just want to create a healthier environment for family and kids.

The man behind the very satisfying meal? Chef Mars Reyes. We caught up with him and asked to tell us about Joseph & Jaemark’s history (and the secret behind his dishes, haha).

Chef Mars definitely has gone a long way since proving their naysayers wrong many in a row about a good location for a restaurant (we found out that they have transferred to different sites: Cuneta Astrodome, Magallanes, etc.). Indeed at least in Joseph & Jaemark’s case, the formula for success is not the location. Rather, it has been the combination of fresh ingredients (chef does the marketing and cooking himself); patience (a lot of trial and error especially with crispy buntot ng tuna); affordable price; and research & development (adding twists to their dishes) keeping Joseph & Jaemark’s interesting and ready to compete with the big grills.

Joseph & Jaemark’s Family Grill
#5 Sgt. Esguerra, Diliman, Quezon City
410-TUNA (8862)

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