Sunday, January 23, 2011

I wanna bring home the new PLDT myDSL WI-FI MODEM!


ONE is simply not enough.

Not in a household where my brother needs to constantly update his Facebook, Twitter or whatever social networking site is currently on InStyle magazine. Not in a household where a foster kid brother, now 8, needs to play online games at the Disney Playhouse, Nick Jr. or Cartoon Network home pages; And certainly not in a household where I myself needs to BLOG on a daily basis.

When we all need to go online at the same time, one single wired broadband connection is simply not enough for all of us to share.

And that is why I for one am very excited about the new PLDT myDSL Wifi Modem that can now settle our longtime dispute of who needs to go online first and what time. At last, our household can now be treated to the same anytime, anywhere Wi-Fi connection that most people get to enjoy only on coffee shops and other commercial hotspots. Obviously impressed.

As a leader in the telecommunication industry, PLDT has time and again came up with innovative products that has never ceased to amaze a lot of people, my family included. As innovations go, the new PLDT myDSL Wi-Fi Modem lets us experience how it is to go beyond broadband with its triple play service: Unlimited DSL with Wifi modem plus Landline plus Watchpad!

The fact that it’s plug-and-play makes the PLDT myDSL Wi-Fi modem even a lot less complicated than most people’s Facebook status. With its 4-port hub switch that can accommodate up to four wired and multiple wireless connections within the range of 25 meters anywhere at home on high speed plans 999, 1995 or 3000 DSL subscribers can now enjoy simultaneous connection. The entire family can now in fact go online using desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices at the same time and enjoy immediate access to news and entertainment, online shops, social networks and more.
It’s back to the future like I’ve never imagined it. “The digital lifestyle isn’t an option,” PLDT VP and head of PLDT myDSL Gary Dujali says. “It is what life has become. So it’s important for everyone to have unrestricted access to the web at home whenever they want, wherever they want.”

“We at PLDT recognize the importance of evolving our products to provide our subscribers with services that conform to their needs,” Dujali says. “It’s all about making life current, convenient, and comfortable for everyone in the family.”

Convenient and comfortable it is. Commercial WiFi zones are known as hotspots. Well, with the new PLDT myDSL WiFi modem, I am thinking it will be both comforting and exciting to see my entire home turned into a hotspot itself.

Because one shared connection was simply not enough. One PLDT myDSL WiFi modem, however, is more than enough to get everyone in line and online, all in one roof.    

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