Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chic and Cheap Valentine Gift Ideas

The day of hearts is fast approaching.  If ever you are preparing for a big surprise or just a small but nakakakilig surprise to your loved ones, but still have no idea of what would that be, then let me suggest where to find kakaibang gifts for this Valentine's day.

Lucky you 'cause these two stores can be found in one place, SM Mall of Asia.  They are both near SM Ice Skating Rink.

First on the list are the Lucky Hermits!!!

They are more commonly known as "omang".  They were first sold on near schools before.  Instead of giving the usual hamsters why not try these colorful hermits.

Some of you might think it's a cheesy gift, but aren't they cute?  If someone will give one to me, I will surely be happy and think that it is "sweet".  They don't need much attention just like the hamsters that you need to clean their cages everyday.  But I think they could be personalized and write our messages on their backs.

Each hermit costs P180 and a packaged deal of P250 with this small cute cage.

Another cute and cheap gift... Cakes R Us Cupcakes!

I bought them for only P200 during the birthday of one of my loved ones.  I'm sure they will have an available Happy Hearts' Day or Happy Valentine cupcakes.  You can also order personalized cakes but make sure to contact them five days before.

I'll be suggesting more, guys, so please stay tune... (",)

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