Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vector GPS: Hassle-Free Driving in the Philippines

Where would you like to go today?

Vector Portable GPS Navigation takes care of getting you there.
Driving in the Philippines has never been this hassle-free.

The Asiatype Group of Companies has been in the cartography business since 1995. Its team of GIS (Geographic Information System) specialists has since then been gathering and updating data using GPS technology and advanced software, making Asiatype the country’s leading publisher of folded maps under the brand Accu-map.

Today Asiatype introduces Vector, its very own portable navigation device that employs electronic maps, route plotting and rerouting, and turn-by-turn voice directions designed to help motorists easily find their way in and around the city. Already a mainstream gadget all over the world, the portable navigation device is on its way to becoming an essential lifestyle product. And Vector, packed with local map data and updates, a friendly user interface, and fun multimedia features is out to do just that: become an indispensable convenience that says goodbye to days wasted on traffic, getting lost, and draining the gas tank from going in circles. Don’t believe us? Think it’s too niche? Too “up there”? Not really a necessity?

Didn’t they say the same thing about the cell phone?

The Vector Advantage
It’s true what they say, “If you can survive driving in the Philippines, you can drive anywhere.” Never mind the traffic. That’s old news. Add to that two-way roads that suddenly become one-way; u-turn slots that move without warning; street signs that disappear; street names that get renamed... again; or just the thousands of side streets that merge, diverge, then converge into the tiniest back alleys you don’t know if you’re still on the road or on someone’s driveway.

Now, imagine never having to worry about getting to a place you’ve never been to before. Like following to the reception venue from a church wedding. Or visiting a friend’s private resthouse in Batangas.

Anyone who’s ever had to do so knows well enough that those stick-figure “maps” sometimes help little. And that trying to get directions over the phone is not only hazardous but prone to several exchanges of “What? Huh?

Turn where?” It’s been proven that with Vector, one completely unaware of the directions can get to the chosen destination as though he knew his way around.

Imagine finally being able to indulge fantasies of spontaneity by going on a “wherever the road takes me” kind of adventure out of town, yet still feeling in complete control behind the wheel. Imagine almost never having to ask for directions. Or getting a ticket for that no-left-turn you didn’t know was there.

Imagine being able to choose an alternate route in the face of imminent traffic jams on major thoroughfares. Imagine having choices on the road. Powered by more than 15 years of mapping data, local updates, and a tried-and-tested mapping software, Vector takes the edge off driving and gets you where you need to be in the quickest possible way. And here’s why:

Tried and Tested Software. Software comes from NDrive, a leading European provider of navigation services to mobile platforms in over 50 countries worldwide (customers include prominent brands such as HP, Samsung, HTC, and Toshiba). Because of superior software, route calculations and rerouting are done fast, with more than enough time to spare for you to mull it over and decide which route to take. No missed turns, no chance for backseat drivers to say, “Oh we should’ve gone that way...”

Local Knowledge and over 38,000 Points of Interest. Vector’s map data are produced by local cartographers and GIS specialists who get constant feedback and regularly update points of interest in and around the city, so map and software updates are continuous. You can search through an exhaustive list of points of interest (POIs) in from different categories (e.g. Education, Restaurants, Shopping, Tourism, Utilities), and can even add your own POI to your device. Quarterly updates are free for one year from date of purchase.

Premium on Accuracy, Not Just Coverage. Vector’s maps have an accuracy rate of +/- 3 meters (industry standard is +/- 15 meters). While coverage of the entire Philippines is still underway, Vector already has complete street-level coverage of Metro Manila, Batangas, Laguna, Cavite, Pampanga, Baguio, Bulacan, Bacolod, Cebu, Tarlac, Rizal, Subic, and Olongapo, with almost 38,000 points of interests as of October 2010. Nationwide mapping is slated to be completed in a few months’ time.

In the one-way concrete jungle that is Makati’s business district, for instance, superior accuracy rates spell the difference between getting to that business meeting on time (with parking, to boot!) and having to go around in circles because you were two turns behind. High accuracy rates become even more invaluable when negotiating unfalimar territory. Stuck on a return trip from out of town and need a place to eat or stay? Simply make a search among Vector’s 38,000 points of interest and find a restaurant, hotel, hospital, or gas station nearest you.

Competitive Pricing. SRP is at an affordable Php13,900.
Continuous After-Sales Support. Local after-sales support is available through e-mail, phone, and web forums.

Fun Extra Features. Vector comes packed with games, multimedia functions, and other features that make it an all-around lifestyle must have. Packaged in a sleek, scratch-proof casing, this nifty pocket-sized road guide keeps you entertained during pit stops.

Technical Specs
Vector 100

Software: Ndrive 10
Turn by turn voice direction
Advanced search function
Unlimited itineraries
Alternative routes
Type: TFT touch screen panel
Size: 4.3 inches (10.92cm)
Resolution: 480 x 272 pixels

LED Sensor Light
Sensor enables display brightness to self-adjust based on available lighting (brighter at night, not as bright in the daytime), which helps conserve battery life.

Bluetooth Hands-free Calling
Pair with your Bluetooth-enabled phone to make and receive calls hands-free.

FM Transmitter
Built-in FM transmitter enables you to listen to your favorite radio station while on the road.

Photo viewer
Music and video player

2GB Internal Flash

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