Sunday, February 20, 2011

Miss B’s Tuckshop: Pretty Little Tucked Away Restaurant

Cocktail events are really not my thing.  So after attending one, I really wanna go home, but my friends still want to have a little caffeine fix or anything light.  We were along Jupiter St. then.  I used to work in the area so I am familiar with the restaurants and I gave them the idea on what kind of food they will have if we eat in one of the lined-up restos.

I was surprised when we spotted one that I am not familiar with.  It used to be a Persian grill I said.  I thought there was a construction going on because it is still not painted inside and one of my friends thought it was a tailor shop because of the word “tuck”.

Moving closer, we saw the signs fish and chips, burgers, dine-in or take out and that is when we proved to ourselves that it is, indeed, a new discovery food shop.

Upon entering… WOW!  What a concept!  For me it was like a classroom (with the colorful chairs, the blackboard).  Brings back the memories of my grade school days.  You’ll not ask for the menu as it is written on the green board.

And what caught our attention?

The Lechon Salad

The pieces of deep fried meat and strips of fried breadsticks really complement the tangy-sauced cabbage, pomelo, and carrots, etc.  Sounds healthy but not so healthy, huh?  But you should try it for yourself.

Calamansi Beignet

We thought it was calamansi with bagnet, hahaha.  But when it reached our table, they are round brown pieces sprinkled with confectionary sugar.    And on the first bite?  It melts in my mouth with a little tangy flavor .  I prefer it not dipped in white chocolate that accompanies it when served.

In the middle of our chit chat, the owners approached us and ask if the food is good and we definitely said yes.  They offered us one of their best sellers, the Manila Cheesecake.  While waiting for it, we found out that the owners are really hands on.  The owner is a Filipina who conceptualized and helped in making the chairs and tables in the resto and the Singaporean guy owner is the head of the kitchen.

Okay, before I forgot.  The Manila Cheesecake.

As you know, I’m not really a fan of cheesecakes until I found the triple decker of Del’s Kitchen.  But that’s a different story because it’s sandwiched between two chocolate cakes.  It’s still my favorite.  But if you say just the cheesecake itself, well, well, well, Miss B’s Tuckshop’s Manila Cheesecake is my favorite.  It’s not that so soft, not that creamy and not that cheesy.  It’s really a fine mix of flavors for a cheesecake.

Other things I find cute inside the food shop:

Miss B's Tuckshop
Address:  # 20 Valdecon Bldg., Jupiter St. Bel Air MakatiCity

Operating Hours

I will let you discover other things here, guys, especially in their menu and share it to me, okay?  Hurray!  A new food discovery!


  1. lets go back soon!! i want try the burgers

  2. Hi Ann. Galing ng concept ah! I'll definitely try out this one! Regards!

  3. wow anne! I want to try this one out! :) I wanna see the place, well, its just near by our office, let's stroll there one time :)

  4. how much yung meal nila ann? affordable ba?

    darwin here

  5. @ ms. leirs,

    opo pati yung red velvet dirnk gusto ko

  6. @ ms. joy

    you really should po... grabe dami pa dapat ma-discover dito

  7. @marla

    wow, bumalik ka na girl!

    sige sige punta tayo nila nyax one time

  8. @darwin

    price range 90-250

    di ko pa kasi nattry yung mga burgers ang prices around P100+

    desserts ganon din pero sulit talaga sa lasa

  9. Hi Anne, we're glad you enjoyed Miss B's! We love your review and we're posting it on our Facebook fan page!/pages/Miss-Bs-Tuckshop/191377217553259

    Thanks! :)

  10. wow! it's a pleasure. thank you very much

    i'm already a fan!

    we'll visit you soon

  11. We offer simple food fare influenced by American comfort food; executed with basic French techniques. Miss B’s is about reintroducing real flavors into the all-time favorites and at the same time making them our own (without the frills). Our kitchen is free of msg, artificial flavorings or other flavor enhancers. Our beef burger has no fillers (bread crumbs, starch, eggs etc.) and is molded from 100% grass fed beef. Other classic favorites are the pork burger, buffalo chicken burger and pommes dauphines to name a few. All of which are served with our home-made ketchup and other home-made sauces. All our dessert items are originals such as the Manila Cheesecake and Calamansi Beignet etc. Our milkshakes are a composition of the best stuff on earth in a half-a-liter mug (Peanut Butter and Jelly, Roasted Marshmallow, Red Velvet).

  12. My friends are raving about Ms. B;s! Hope I get to try it!!

  13. hi pinkcookies! you should really try Ms. B's and hope you could also find your own fave aside from my list and tell me about it, okay?

    thanks for dropping by (",)

  14. Will try the lechon salad soon! Totally loved their calamansi beignet! we love to dip it in the sauce though. :)For the milkshakes, try the PB&J! :) see our post at :)