Monday, March 28, 2011

The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2011: Finishing the "Dream Come True Line"

I had my last run last February 2010, became busy at work and never had a chance to run again...  Joining my last run was really tough.  I finished 5K in about 1-1/2 hour.  I was already limping then... How much more if I run 42 kilometers?  42 divided by 5 = 8.4 multiplied by 1-1/2?  It would take me approximately 12 hours to run? hehe.

This was me running before (not for The Bull Runner 42K Marathon, okay? hihi

But for "The Bull Runner Dream Marathoners", that was easy peasy because they have undergone 20-week step-by-step marathon training plan; once-a-month Bull Sessions (run clinics); once-a-month Bull Circle (running talks).

But wait, who are these Dream Marathoners by the way?  The Bull Runner Dream Marathon involves 400-strong accomplished individuals coming from varied professional backgrounds - all exceptional runners in their own right - set to conquer the local running scene as they evolve into gutsy, confident, yet big-hearted marathoners, and to be hailed winners as they race across the NUVALI grounds,  to the finish line, and towards fulfilling their ultimate marathon goal.

And last March 20, 2011, all the first-time and second-time marathoners dream came true.  We arrived at NUVALI at about 7:30, and wow I think almost half have of them have finished the race!  They started at 2 p.m. and most of them finished by the time of 7:30.

A week before the said dream marathon, I met Ms. Let, "The Running Mom" blogger.  She mentioned that she is gearing up for her first ever marathon, which is The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2011.

So during the race, I went looking for her but cannot find her.  I was thinking that maybe she had finished the run earlier.  Until we rode a yellow mobile that takes the cheerers around NUVALI to cheer for their family members or friends who are in the race.  Still can't find Ms. Let, but while browsing at Alex's photos, I saw Ms. Let!  But it was too late.  I wasn't able to cheer for her.  But yes, she finished the race and I'm really happy for her.
Photo Courtesy:  Vener F. Roldan
If I'm proud for my newly-found friend, how much more these people who are patiently waiting for their loved ones at the finisher's line?

Once their beloved ones cross the line, WOW, a warm congratulations and a warm big hug take away each and every marathoners' sweat, thirst, and pain.

For me, it's not just a "finisher's line" but it's a "dream come true" line.

*Thank you very much, Alex Dizon of Recycle Bin of a Middle Child for the coverage photos.  (I was not able to bring my camera during the event.) Again, thank you very much!

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