Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Justin Bieber Never Say Never Hits the Philippines

I was never really his fan but after I have seen the movie, I must say I just got this thing they call Bieber "Fever".

While watching the movie, I remember my officemate's 12-year-old kid.  She loves Justin Bieber.  At first it was only Georgie who loves Justin, then there came a time when Ate Gee (her mom) also likes Justin.  She plays "One Less Lonely Girl" on her phone.  Georgie even changed her last name on Facebook to Bieber.  WOW!

So I ask my self what is really with Justin?  Why do they adore him?  Until I watched the movie.

Now, I know the answer!  It's not just the "left to right motion of his hair", his cute smile, his hit songs... It was his spirit... his faith... and he never said never to his dreams.

Watch how he ruled Madison Square Garden, the world's grandest arena in New York City.  The stage that was thought that only Michael Jackson can fill.

To all the fans of Justin Bieber here in the Philippines, before watching his concert on May 10, see first his concert movie!

Thank you very much Solar Entertainment Corporation for our red carpet premiere tickets!

Showing March 23!!!


  1. i loved it! i watch the movie too. like a concert scene.. best movie ever!

  2. hi! you can watch the making of this movie on Studio 23 March 31 6 pm (",)