Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Binondo Food Wok Part 1: Intro to Dong Ho's Invitation

I was one of the chosen ones of Dom of Dong Ho's Eskapo to join the fun DIY food walking tour at Binondo. I told him I haven't really gone to Binondo, and I haven't really, that's why I joined his contest.

It's been almost a month and a half after our exploration of Chinatown District in Manila and still I heard some bloggers during blog events that they envy those who joined the food trip with Dong Ho. I gladly raise my hand and say, "I'm one of the trippers. I'm not known in the blogosphere. And I think that's why they don't recognize me on Dong Ho's Binondo Food Wok Series, hehe.

As an introduction to my own version of the series, Archie and I went to Manila Post Office, as our meeting place for the said tour. We met Dom, Doc Gelo, Cher, Chyng and Josh. Dom told us why he chose us and then he gave each one of us the Big Binondo Food Wok Map, the ultimate food and culture guide to Chinatown.

And then the journey starts at the second post...

To be continued...

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