Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Binondo Food Wok Part 4: Temples, Buddhas & A Church

As we entered Ongpin St., I had the first glimpse on Binondo Church. I looked at the BIG Binondo Food Wok Map and I found out that its real name is Basilica Menor del San Lorenzo.

After eating at Dong Bei Dumplings, we went to Santo Cristo de Longos. It is a small shrine in one corner where people from all walks of life, Chinese or Catholics, pray with incense sticks.

Our first temple stop is the Te Ya Kong Temple. Red lighted candles and free hot tea drinks welcomed us as we came to the temple, and big buddhas, incense sticks, offerings and praying Chinese people were found inside. I know nothing about this temple but I'm really amzed on the town people's faith.

The most solemn temple of them all, Seng Guan Si Temple. We've got to see golden buddhas which represents health, prosperity, etc. The Big Binondo Food Wok Map says it is the largest Buddisht temple in town.

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