Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Heart I Heart Froyo

Introduce your taste buds to the newest frozen yogurt in town as "I Heart Froyo" opened last March 12, 2010 in Teachers Village, Quezon City. The frozen yogurt stall offers exquisite Italian Frozen Yogurt fare and a kikay atmosphere of pink and blue.

I Heart Froyo
had a soft opening last February 15, so it has already played host to dozens of students over Quezon City. But it's good to see young people and even the young at hearts enjoyed the I Heart Froyo event.

Now, let me share to you the best part... eating!

What's Chic?

I Heart Froyo was a surprise at first taste. My friend handed me a cone, I tasted it and said, "Ooh, wow, thank you. May ice cream din pala sila. Akala ko yogurt lang. Anong flavor nito? Lasang yogurt yung ice cream nila." Then she laughed and replied, "Ano ka ba? Froyo nila yan. Baka ibig mo sabihin lasang ice cream iyong yogurt nila." See?! I can't really explain the creaminess of I Heart Froyo that coated my tongue. Also try to add their one of a kind toppings like apple cinnamon, Choco Mallows and ChocNut.

My I Heart Froyo Toppings Combination:
Frozen Yogurt + Apple Cinnamon + Kiwi Cuts

My friend's I Heart Froyo version:
Frozen Yogurt + Apple Cinnamon + Choco Mallows

We also tried plain yogurt on a cone:

What's Cheap?

Regular Cup = P55 ONLY
Large Cup = P70 ONLY
Cone = P35 ONLY

Other Toppings:

1 REGULAR topping - P15
2 REGULAR toppings - P25
3 REGULAR toppings - P35


I Heart Froyo also has a promo card:

Freebies From I Heart Froyo Opening:

Stickers, Plastic Balloons, Promo Cards, Sandwich, and Picture from Pic-A-Pose

Don't you wish you were there during the Grand Opening Day? Haha, don't worry, here's I Heart Froyo's store hours:

Here's what the other froyo lovers say about I HEART FROYO:


I Heart Froyo grew from the idea of Trisha Fernandez and Vann dela Cruz.
I Heart Froyo yogurt comes from Italy and Australia.
I Heart Froyo aims that people who have not yet tasted frozen yogurt would make the healthy shift from ice cream to yogurt upon tasting their product.
I Heart Froyo store is also environmentally friendly. I Heart Froyo's machine has a CE certification from Europe and CEE cerification from China. They also offer dine in bowls and biodegradable spoons as options for their customers. They also use paper cups and paper bags for takeout.
I Heart Froyo will be expanding soon, maybe early June or July.
I Heart Froyo also does froyo parties and corporate functions.

Other photos from the I HEART FROYO event:



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