Sunday, March 7, 2010

Club Astoria Redefines Transformation

Astoria Plaza, one of the country's premier full service residential suites, unveiled its new logo in "One Night Only", an exclusive media event held last March 4, 2010.

Media professionals and bloggers like me gathered in the chic Hampton Room of Astoria Plaza in Ortigas. Starting the event, Astoria Plaza Hotel Manager Ping Regalado welcomed the guests. Then Vivian Ng, VP for Operations, took us to a virtual tour of their newest hotel, Astoria Boracay, and she presented an ice carving where the new Astoria logo was embedded. Mr. Boy Abunda, well known host and Astoria's endorser, also welcomed the guests to be members of the Club Astoria.

The new logo of Astoria symbolizes contemporary luxury that Astoria Hotels and Resorts are known for. The lines woven together signify the union of visionary inspirations evident in the designs and features of the hotels and resorts. It also signifies the concerned effort of the staff in providing quality service for the ultimate customer satisfaction.

After unveiling, all the guest were treated to a big surprise as Astoria Plaza gave away beautiful laptop bags and a great surprise treat -- a three days-two nights accommodation for Astoria Boracay gift certificate. Not only that, great food and excellent service were experienced by the guests.

It was indeed a night of transformations for Astoria Plaza. Truly, the new logo will help make new waves for the country's premier residential suite.

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