Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gelatone - My Chic and Cheap Gelato

What’s Chic?

After a stressful afternoon at work, my officemates and I checked into the much-talked-about Gelatone located at Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Makati City.

While we’re choosing between their soothing gelati and sorbets, one of my officemates asked the crew, “Miss, what’s “Gela-tone’s” best selling gelato?” Hahaha, we laughed at her and all of us were in chorus saying, ‘It’s “Ge-la-to-ne” not “Gela-tone”.’ And the crew said, “One of our best sellers, Ma’am, is the Nutella.”

We ordered four different flavors, Nutella (hazelnut with chocolate), Amaretto, Black Cherries and then I also tried the Raspberry sorbet. We really had a hard time deciding which flavors because all of them look enticingly delicious. We recommend the Amaretto flavor. It’s not cloyingly sweet unlike the Nutella flavored gelato. According to the lady who says “Gela-tone,” the Amaretto has the perfect contrast among the four.

Gelatone will make the choices even tougher because they also offer paninis and fresh pastas. We still haven’t tried any, but no worries ‘cause we are coming back to satisfy our cravings. ‘Til the next pay day, Gelatone!

What’s Cheap?

One (1) Gelatone scoop = P100 (either cone or cup)

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  1. Hi guys! We are glad that you had a great time sampling our gelato! Nutella is sweet because its hazelnut with chocolate...that's the sweet part there. :-) Amaretto is bittersweet almond, the one that's used to make the famous amaretto liquor...that's why the contrast in cherry has a stronger flavor than strawberry, but quite a lot of people love the strong flavor...and the raspberry sorbet that you had was the simplest fruit based sorbet! That's gelatone's trivia for the flavors you had! Sample the rest and enjoy them as well. PS....we don't serve pizza...sorry...we cannot have a big oven in our little store...hmmmmmm....but try our pasta and panini!!!! Thanks soooo mucho guys!

  2. wow, thanks for informing me... thanks for the info, too... i have already made the changes....

    we love GELATO ttttthhhhhhhiiiiisssssssssss much! hihi