Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Secrets of the Masters Taping

This was really my dream... to be seen on national T.V. (as a live audience though). My childhood dream came try as we guested last January 27 at Secrets of the Masters (SOTM), Channel Q11.

Two days after the announcement of winners at wmn.ph to get passes to SOTM, Ms. Digna Basilio and I were accompanied by Ms. Karyl Coseto, a wmn.ph writer, to go to Studio 3 of GMA Network, home of the Secrets of the Masters. Call time is 11:30 so we were there at 10:30.

Ms. Karyl showed to us first the dressing room of Ms. Issa Litton and gladly we met her there and took some pictures with her. She's so nice and so pretty. She looks like she hasn't given birth because she's so slim. Then it's time for her to dress up so we proceeded to SOTM's set.

The set is really different from what you see on T.V. Aside from the super big cameras and yellow and white lights, I am really amazed how the set looks bigger on T.V. but actually it was not.

As 11:30 is fast approaching, I still feel very excited. And then here comes the audience briefing. We were taught how to clap, when to stand, told to be quite while the camera is rolling, and not to flash on cameras. It's okay to take pictures inside as long as you don't use flash. And the fan part is, they taught us how to appreciate the food. How? Once the food is served, DIG IN! Remember, there are cameras all over, they are looking at you. Camera men love the ones who has big bites. Among the audience were HRM students from Batangas and some bloggers.

After a few minutes, Issa Litton entered the set, practiced her lines at the same time. And then 1, 2, 3, ACTION! It's funny because my heart's beating fast (as if I'm the host, hahaha). She's good in delivering he lines. Ms. Issa Litton, then introduced the chefs for the day, Ms. Penk Ching and her sister, Ms. Shen Ratilla. But before they actually started, the floor director said we should have lunch first and then keep the ball rollin'. Lunch is free, guys!

And then commercial, clap, and ready? ACTION again! The sister chefs started making their first Valentine treat, the Rubik's Cube Cake. Picture speaks louder than words.

And like in the other SOTM episodes, Issa Litton's famous lines goes, "Bring out the food and feed the audience!" Now, this is when we practice that big bite, huh? But surely you will really munch on it because it's yummy.

After the taste test part, I thought we'll proceed on the next pastry (excited for another one), but we didn't. The floor director and the camera men call the next part as "food shot". Now, I remember! If you watch SOTM, before the commercial break, you can see a close up shoot of the food. Ahh, this is it!

Here are the other mouthwatering creations of the pastry chefs:

Lemon Heart-Shaped Cake

Sweet Pizza Dessert

Yin Yang Cupcakes

Valentine Card

All of the goodies surely satisfy our sweet tooth, but the most splendid sweetie for me is the Yin Yang Cupcakes, perfect bite. But of course, we didn't eat the Valentine Cards (it's only for decoration).

I really had a great time at the show, and still amazed how a 45-minute show will be shoot for hours (almost four hours). After the taping, we had pictures taken with Penk Ching, Shen Ratilla and Issa Litton and of course took pictures at the set. Pack up na, guys!

Oops, I'm not yet finish! We still have an interview with Ms. Karyl Coseto and the wmn.ph editor about the experience we had at Secrets of the Masters. This was totally a different kind of experience. And now I can say that I now know the SECRETS behind SECRETS OF THE MASTERS.

WEBSITE: wmn.ph

Photo Credits: Digna Basilio
May Ann Saturno

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