Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Winning Piece: WMN.PH - My Food Photo Entry

What's Chic?

This photo and essay served as my passes to get two tickets to Q 11's Secrets of the Masters taping.

The contest mechanics is to show a photo of you and the recipe that you've made that came from's food section. I also wrote a short description for my entry.

January 25th, Ms. Digna Basilio and I were announced as the promo winners at the page.

He're the screenshot of the photo article on

And here is the article from

Congratulations to Digna Basilio and May Ann Saturno for winning two tickets each to the Secrets of the Masters show! They each cooked up a yummy dish from the WMN recipe archives, and sent us a picture and a testimonial about their experience making their respective dishes.

Check out their winning entries below:

May Ann made delicious Corned Tuna Pizza as part of her resolution to cook more in 2010. See how her pizza turned out:

"Corned Tuna Pizza is the second dish that I've cooked for this year. Learning how to cook is one of my 2010 resolutions, so I was really happy to come up with this tasty dish. I didn't have olives so I substituted them with pineapple tidbits. This dish was really easy. I finished making the pizza in less than 20 minutes, but finished eating it in just a minute or two!"

Click here for more details on the article:

What's Cheap?

The two of us got two passes each to watch Secrets of the Masters. And what's really cool is I saw myself on website!

Watch out for my next post about our guesting in Secrets of the Masters.



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